Colby Covington on Jorge Masvidal: "He's a horrible person, he cheats on his wife"

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Colby Covington on Jorge Masvidal: "He's a horrible person, he cheats on his wife"

For a long time a very prominent MMA friendship, which turned into something completely opposite, on March 5 in the main fight of the UFC 272 event will get its culmination on the big stage. Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal will have the opportunity to fight behind everything they told each other through the media.

The first statements after the fight was arranged were heard a few days ago by Masvidal, who was a guest at Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour, and now it's Colby's turn to respond. He got the chance to say something during the UFC’s weigh-in show for UFC 270 events.

But the first question was about what many are most interested in. Where did the friendship break down and turn into growing intolerance, and did the two of them even talk about arranging this fight? "We didn't talk because we cut off communication a long time ago.

When he became jealous of my success and climb to the top, then he stabbed me in the back." "He does it to everyone. He likes to use people as long as I can help him, but as soon as they start to be better than him, he turned his back on them.

I haven't talked to him and I won't talk to him, and I'll finish him on March 5, "Colby Covington said, explaining what the fight means to him: "I want this fight for a long time. He says a lot through the media, he says he will do something if he sees me on the street, so here's his chance.

I've done everything I announced so far, let him stand behind his words." "If he does it. This is personal, this is not a fight for ranking or PPV sales. This is nothing more than doing the biggest rivalry in UFC history.

And you will see the best Colby Covington then. "
It took a long time to fight, and they accused each other of rejecting it. Colby claims that there is no truth in this and that he was constantly looking for it. In a way, he is now coming at the right time, when the tensions are getting stronger, but also when they both made very good money through two fights against Kamaru Usman.

As they both lost, this kind of fight is the perfect opportunity to keep the attention of the fans. In fact, no one will be surprised if in the end, it is more financially successful than all the fights of these two against the champions.

"Does anyone believe anything Jorge is saying to the media? We can't believe it. I've been signing that contract for two years and as soon as Hunter Campbell called me I accepted." "The only tightening was on his part because he knows this is a fight-ending his career.

No matter how much the UFC pays him, when he wakes up in the hospital on March 6, that money won't be worth it," is a vicious announcement of what he intends to do.

Covington about their relationship

Colby was also asked what he remembers most from their relationship and whether he actually has any fond memories.

It seems, however, that what has been happening in recent years has taken over and that happy days are no longer remembered this way. "I can't find anything positive in our former relationship. He's a horrible person, he cheats on his wife, cheats on taxes, doesn't talk to his kids, and he use people."

"He did that to me, he used me. He needed someone to hold him at a high level, give him a high pace of training and teach him grappling." "He needed someone to support him on his way. As soon as I overtook him in the rankings he left me for money and fame.

He will pay the ultimate price for that, "he added. "He had to accept this fight because he has a lot of alimony to pay. He's broke now. He says I slept on his couch. No, I didn't sleep on his couch but on his ex-wife's couch."

"She took care of our dreams, cleaned for us, she cooked for us and helped us succeed. He turned his back on her as he did to me, but I'll do this for her too. " Since it is only a month and a half until the fight, this is just the beginning of the verbal war, a kind of zero round that will entertain us in the coming weeks.