Francis Ngannou and Cyrgil Gane clashed at the press conference over the knockout

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Francis Ngannou and Cyrgil Gane clashed at the press conference over the knockout

Francis Ngannou said during the filming of the UFC's "Countdown" announcement that he had knocked out Cyril Gane on sparring on one occasion. While it didn’t end that way in the foreground, it was highlighted through the media during the week’s fight, when Ngannou added what it was all about.

He said that knockout was not something he was proud of, as it was not intentional, but that it was a hit with a left high kick. When the two of them finally found themselves across from each other at a press conference, of course that topic inevitably ended in the foreground.

Gane denied that there was a knockout in the sparring match, to which Francis responded. "You ended up on the floor Cyril, after that you left training. Don't you remember? Left high kick, did you end up on the floor? Don't you remember?" "He was probably knocked out because he can't remember," Francis Ngannou said while Gane asked sub-questions with a smile on his face.

After that, Gane presented its side of the story. "That's not true. Honestly, you know what I'm like. We did sparring and it was a great sparring by Francis. He hit a nice left kick. The problem with Francis is that he doesn't like technical sparring."

"He hit me with that kick, he shook me. Here. I'm honest, I admit you hit me and shook me, but you didn't send me to the floor, you didn't knock me out, " Cyril Gane said.

Francis Ngannou tells his storry

Francis Ngannou then put his side once more.

"You didn't finish on the floor? And you say I don't pair technically? I pair with lightweight fighters, I pair with women. No one ever complained." "Certainly our sparring was good, he doesn't lie there.

But you ended up on the floor after I respect you and I know that you are the most honest person of all there and you can be realistic ", the champion tried to get recognition. "You say you respect me, and then you tell people that you knocked me out.

Look me in the eye and tell me that," the Frenchman said. It all ended with Francis Ngannou saying he had no footage to prove it, but that was exactly what happened. All in all, they will have a chance to knock each other out early Sunday morning. You look at what that debate looked like. Francis Ngannou vs Cyril Gane-one of the biggest fights!