Dana White to Francis Ngannou: "Dude, you're an outsider this weekend"

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Dana White to Francis Ngannou: "Dude, you're an outsider this weekend"

Francis Ngannou will enter the fight against Cyril Gane this weekend as a man without a new UFC contract. Although he tried to fight it for a while, the UFC did not give up and the Cameroonian could complete his current contract.

We say he could, since there is a clause in it with which his victory would automatically extend it. Of course, victory is what the champion aims for, but he has already revealed that regardless of the outcome of the fight, he does not intend to continue his career under the same conditions.

He even stated that he no longer intends to fight for 500 or 600 thousand dollars and that he wants more. But he also wants an addition to the contract that would allow him to play professional boxing matches. The UFC has not agreed to this so far, and Dana White explained on the Jim Romeo show why this is so and sent a warning message to Francis, who could feel the consequences of thinking about the wrong things.

"You say you don't want to fight under the terms of the current contract. But he gets the percentage of transfers sold, whatever it is, like all the other champions." "You worry too much about other things.

I want to fight Tyson Fury! I want this, I want that. Dude, you're an outsider this weekend. You're not a 10-1 favorite and you just want to fix it as soon as possible." "Focus on what's in front of you.

Beat Cyril Gane, and then we can talk about other things, "White told him.

Francis Ngannou contract

It is clear that Francis Ngannou would be able to get rid of his current contract in case of defeat, but it is also clear that in that case the story of his boxing would no longer be so strong nor would the possible terms of any contract be what he hopes.

So winning him in this fight definitely has to be more than imperative, and then he can talk to the UFC about how to move on. It will not be easy for him to win, since he has an undefeated opponent against him, but also one who comes with great motivation to take everything he has.

And that is, first of all, the money, which White claims that Ngannou owns very much, which is why he easily rejected the comment on the statements of the champions that he has to borrow money for the training camp. "To be honest, Francis Ngannou has made a lot of money.

He's building a big house at home in Africa. He's building children's halls there, he's doing a lot. Ciryl Gane wants what this guy has. You have a man coming for you and he's hungry." "On the other hand, no one has enough money.

You don't have someone to say that someone is paying him too much, that he has too much money. But this guy already has serious money and is spending it. Ciryl Gane is the one who wants that money now." read the aforementioned warning Dana White obviously can't listen to Francis Ngannou's statements anymore