Jorge Masvidal on Colby Covington: "He is the craziest person I've ever met"

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Jorge Masvidal on Colby Covington: "He is the craziest person I've ever met"

Jorge Masvidal will fight Colby Covington on March 5 in the main fight of the UFC 272 event. Although there is still a month and a half until that fight, it is currently the most anticipated confirmed MMA fight in the world, and a more serious promotion of the same will start soon.

These are two fighters who are always interesting to hear, so Ariel Helwani decided to talk about his fight with Masvidal in his MMA Hour. It is clear to everyone that the fight between two former friends who over time became literally enemies at the start is exciting, especially since it is a sport where the goal is to physically harm the opponent.

And it should be clear to everyone that this is more than a fight, that these are personal disagreements that few people have the opportunity to resolve completely legally within the arena and still be very well paid for it.

Still, Masvidal tries to keep it all to a minimum on a personal level. "I can't say that any fight is too personal for me, it's all business. Some people I meet in this business are idiots, but it's still nothing personal.

But if a fight came closest to that, then it's" "This guy lived on my couch for a few years, he ate food prepared for me because I was already sponsored at the time. He was an amateur who was just coming."

"He came to this world alone and he will leave it alone. I can't wait for me to hit him. Ask Jon Jones about him, ask Woodley, no one will have a nice word about this guy." "In fact, ask anyone on the American Top Team.No one has much to say except that he owes most of the money because everyone lent it to him when he lost in poker."

"I just hope he makes it to this fight and then I'll be a nail in his coffin, "is a statement showing his personal dilemma about how to keep fighting as much as possible in some levels of sport without too much thinking about what had happened between them before.

Jorge Masvidal on Colby Covington

Helwani was not allowed to stray from the path he had decided to have, so he asked if Covington was the fighter you didn't want to lose on your resume and if that was even more motivating.

He also wanted Jorge to compare it all to his second rivalry that was supposed to result in a fight late last year. This is Leon Edwards, against whom he still failed to fight. "It's not nice to lose to anyone, but Colby is the craziest person I've ever met in this business.

He's a dirty guy who can get something dirty out of me." "So, I'm looking forward to having a chance to hurt him. As for Leon, he's just some idiot who talks too much I don't care about him I know he has my poster and lights candles next to my picture" "But I don't care, I also consider him an ordinary work colleague who is an idiot, among other things Colby is different."

"He lived in my house and he borrowed my money from me, but it's still a job. I met him through work and he's still inside the business. He is not some friend of mine that I grew up with, "he said. Certainly an exciting fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington awaits us