Alexander Volkanovski: "Giga Chikadze looks like an idiot"

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Alexander Volkanovski: "Giga Chikadze looks like an idiot"

A very good lesson was given to Giga Chikadze on how to first do the work ahead of him, and only then look at what might follow. The Georgian is too ambitious and instead of Calvin Kattar, he was much more concerned with the champion Alexander Volkanovski.

Namely, when Max Holloway was injured, leaving the champion without a challenger, Giga offered to jump in. He was ready to do it without doing the agreed fight against Kattar, but in another case and immediately after it.

That’s why he was also quite angry when the UFC gave Chan Sung Jung a chance, without waiting for him to do the job against Kattar. In the end, he lost the fight against Kattar quite convincingly and met with various criticisms.

He didn't react to them the best, so Chan Sung Jung, who published the "facepalm" emoticon, insulted him, and he wasn't kind to some other critics either. Volkanovski did not respond until asked for his opinion by Ariel Helwani on his MMA Hour show.

There he expressed a very realistic view, that Chikadze, after everything he had said before the fight, had to be ready for criticism if he failed in his plan. "There will always be people who will deal with trash talk, it's all part of this game and I understand that.

But there is another side, there is that real expression of disrespect." "Not only to me but to Calvin Kattar. He had in front himself a real fighter, a serious candidate for the top, and he acted like he was just going to go through him." "He can't do that, he needs to win first and then look further.

And the fight was very close. In addition, when he told me that I was choosing the easier path because I would fight 'Zombie', he not only expressed disrespect to Zombie but to everyone, "Volkanovski said, continuing: "He wasn't always like that.

I remember our first conversation. He told me he hoped to fight me, and I told him to just keep doing what he was doing. " "I told him it would only come if he kept doing it so far.Then he later started with this other one and it was clear to all of us that he has to win the fight against Kattar or he will look really bad.

I think he chose a really bad approach because now he looks like an idiot." "The way he treats Zombie, I have no comment. Who didn't just think the same as Zombie? After all how he behaved, who didn't think that? If you're going to play a game like that, then you have to be ready for criticism." "People will bite.

If you're going to play that game, play it to the end. Don't feel offended when these people start throwing everything in your face. "

Alexander Volkanovski on Giga Chikadze

After what he saw, he believes that Giga would not be a big challenge for him, and he commented once again on the latest statements and criticism made by the Georgian, who now simply swims very badly in the waters to which he led his statements and behavior.

"I think this fight opened his eyes. Against real fighters, you can't just rely on kicks. You stop him and he ends up like a punching bag." "That's why you have to fight against the best, the ones who will put you to the right exams.

After them you will see where you are, then you can only think about the champion. I think I would make him look very very bad. You can only imagine it, " he said his vision, Alex, adding at the end: "Look who I've been fighting all over.

Dude, you're an idiot if you think I avoided or chose fights. Max Holloway proved to be the second best fighter, and I'm willing to give him a trilogy after beating him twice." "Who else does that. Only those who know they have the skills needed to beat anyone.

They don't care who they are on the other side, they are people who have the balls and will do what they do best." Alexander Volkanovski is very angry at Giga Chikadze