Dana White on Henry Cejudo's attack on the title: "It doesn't make any sense"

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Dana White on Henry Cejudo's attack on the title: "It doesn't make any sense"

A lot of fighters hoped it was time for their attack on the UFC lightweight title after Max Holloway got injured and was forced to postpone his attack on the title. The UFC chose the one who was their first option, Chan Sung Jung, while most of the others came to terms with it.

We say most, since one is not, and that is Henry Cejudo. In May 2020, retired former UFC fly and bantamweight champion did not stop calling out Alexander Volkanovski, even after he left active sports. He kept repeating that he wanted a third title and that in the event of a fight against the Australian, he would be ready to reactivate immediately.

He hoped so even now when the place was vacated and an opponent had to be found urgently. But that didn’t happen, and UFC President Dana White has now confirmed that Cejudo wasn’t an option either. "So I should have skipped all the fighters in the rankings and to give him an attack for the title just because he decided last week he wasn't retired anymore."

"Come on people, so this conversation itself is silly. Isn't he retired? He is, right?. "The last time I checked he was, and now he's angry he didn't get attacked for the title. In the second weight class? It doesn't make any sense, "White commented after the first UFC event of the year.

Dana White on Henry Cejudo

Something like this was actually clear. Dana White is aware that Henry Cejudo was not a star for him even during his reign, and he is also aware of his actually very unpopularity among fans. Give someone with such references a chance to try to make history as the first three-time champion? And without a single fight in the lightweight category? No matter how good a fighter he is, it is clear to everyone that Cejudo has nothing to look for in such a story.

If he wants to attack the title of that category, where most fighters are still physically quite superior to him, he will have to go the natural way. "He can come back and win a title in his category again, and then he can talk about going to a higher category or something.

You can't suddenly show up and start calling someone out and hope to win a title fight in another category. Especially when he retired two or two and a half years, ”White concluded. The question is whether one Conor McGregor would so easily get a chance to attack the belt in the third category, so it is clear that this will not be given to any of the fans of Henry Cejudo