Chael Sonnen on Jorge Masvidal: He dared to accept a match that could end his career

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Chael Sonnen on Jorge Masvidal: He dared to accept a match that could end his career

About a month and a half separate us from the match between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington at UFC 272. Although the fight is relatively far from today's date, since the announcement of this match, both fighters are attracting a lot of attention.

This is currently one of the hottest rivalries within the UFC. Former roommates and best friends are now big enemies and every MMA fan is looking forward to this match. An interesting fact is how both fighters enter this match after the defeat.

Colby Covington lost to Kamaru Usman for the second time in November, and with the defeat of Masvidal, he would be quite far from the very top of the category, which he plans to attack again. Jorge Masvidal on the other hand is in a hard situation.

"Gamebred" was also defeated by Usman in the last performance, but the Nigerian defeated him before that fight. Thus, Masvidal is threatened by the third in a row. It’s a big blow for any fighter. Retired MMA fighter, Chael Sonnen, for all of the above, paid tribute to Jorge Masvidal.

Namely, the fact is that the sixth-ranked welterweight challenger has enjoyed great popularity in the last few years.

Sonnen on Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal has turned into one of the biggest UFC stars, and a defeat by Covington would compromise a lot.

The mitigating circumstance is certainly the fact that Colby is a truly great fighter, after Usman probably the best in the category. So, after two defeats in a row, Masvidal accepted another very difficult match. "Honestly, I have to pay tribute to Masvidal, because he dared to accept a match that could end his career.

It is such a big match, a lot of attention and focus will be directed towards them, and there are a handful of hatred between the fighters." "Jorge is currently the second biggest star in the sport (McGregor is first) and is entering this match with two defeats in a row, '' Sonnen began via his YouTube channel.

'' If he ends up knocked to the ground floor and destroyed in the next 25 minutes, it will take a lot of shine off his status as the second biggest star in MMA. So the stakes are high, and Jorge agreed anyway. For God's sake, I appreciate that'' Sonnen added.

Whether Masvidal will suffer the third defeat in a row and whether it will retain the status of nominally the second biggest star within the promotion, question arises. However, the answer to one question, we got a long time ago when it comes to Masvidal.

There is no doubt that "Gamebred" is a fighter in the full sense of the word and is ready to fight with anyone, in any circumstances.