Francis Ngannou on Cyril Gane: "I will knock him out within the first two rounds"

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Francis Ngannou on Cyril Gane: "I will knock him out within the first two rounds"

Exactly one week left until the UFC 270 event. Francis Ngannou will defend the heavyweight champion's belt for the first time, and opposite him will be Ciryl Gane, the owner of the interim champion's belt, the aforementioned category.

The match gets even more interesting because they are two former sparring partners, and the UFC has worked hard to create as much tension as possible between them. Although the tensions are actually between Nganoou and Fernand Lopez (former Francis coach), the promotion often tried to create animosity between Gane and Ngannou.

The fact is that these former club colleagues and sparring partners are not friends, but they are far from some kind of hostility and animosity. Footage from the sparring, as well as a staged match by the UFC at the UFC 268 event, are just some of the cases where unnecessary tensions have been tried to be created.

Still, all of that will become irrelevant when the fighters step into the cage next weekend. Only their martial arts will be important at that moment, and Ngannou believes that without any dilemma, he will be the one who is superior.

‘‘ I won’t necessarily ask for a knockout, but I don’t see how this fight can end any differently than to knock him out. I’ll do it within the first two rounds because he’s not as solid as Stipe."

"I know that guy (Gane) well. He can’t stand the pressure as Stipe does. As soon as we enter into a close exchange, I don't think he will have a chance to get out of there," Predator said in an interview with TMZ.

Francis Ngannou on Stipe Miocic

The Cameroonian often praises our Miočić, with whom he fought twice. Both fighters recorded one win each, and Ngannou believes Stipe is definitely the toughest opponent he has faced. Francis repeated these allegations in a video he posted on his YouTube channel, singling out another UFC fighter.

"I didn't have much of a chance to see how strong my opponents are, except for Miocic. He is by far my toughest opponent, and if I want to single out anyone else, it will be Curtis Blaydes." "My second match in the UFC was against Curtis Blaydes.

I was very surprised how he moved around for a wrestler and how well he mixed things up. These are the two toughest opponents he has ever faced. " Blaydes and Ngannou also fought twice. However, unlike Miocic, Curtis never beat Ngannou.

Still, good resistance was offered by Blaydes in 2016, at the UFC event. He then lost to Blaydes by a break after the second round, that is, the doctor did not allow him to continue the match due to an eye that closed completely after being hit by Ngannou. Blaydes lost in a rematch in 2018 by knockout after just 45 seconds of fighting.