Michael Bisping on Colby Covington: 'If he's acting, give that man a f*****g Oscar"

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Michael Bisping on Colby Covington: 'If he's acting, give that man a f*****g Oscar"

The UFC has delighted many fans, announcing that Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal will get a chance to settle accounts. Two top welters, they were once best friends and roommates, and now there is perhaps the greatest enmity in the entire UFC between them.

However, many times throughout the history of this sport, it turned out that various rivalries are actually inflated by the media, but also the promotions themselves. Matches sell much better and are more accompanied if the actors of that match are in some kind of quarrel and the rivalry is transferred outside the cage.

In addition to that, of course, there is a certain suspicion that the rivalry between Covington and Masvidal is actually exaggerated. Especially if we consider the personality that Colby Covington sells to the MMA public.

"Chaos" has been portrayed as a villain for years, constantly insulting opponents, and "trash talk" is one of its symbols.

Michael Bisping on Colby Covington

Those who know him personally have often stated that Colby is actually a completely different person from the one he portrays in public.

However, Michael Bisping believes that this time it is not about acting. '' Whoever you're talking to will tell you that Colby is a really great guy. He just sells fights that way and presents himself that way. Maybe that's true.

However, If he's acting, give that man a f*****g Oscar, because then he's acting incredibly well all the time, '' Bisping began via his YouTube channel, then added. "The things he says about Masvidal's ex-wife, he calls him a bad father and the like.

I don't think it's acting. They lived together, they know a lot of personal things about each other. All this leads to a deep rivalry, '' explained the former UFC middleweight champion. Sam Colby, admitted that in 2017 he decided to turn to the role of the villain because his promotion threatened to fire him.

They didn’t find him charismatic and interesting enough, despite the great martial arts he possessed. All of this led to Colby as we know him today. As for the rivalry with Masvidal, we will probably find out a lot after their match is over.

One thing is for sure until March 5 and the end of UFC 272, Masvidal and Covington will be real enemies. They are both great fighters, and they can both be winners. However, in the end, there will be only one, and the question is whether Colby Covington or Jorge Masvidal