Francis Ngannou: "I will not fight for $500,000 or $600,000 anymore. It's over"

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Francis Ngannou: "I will not fight for $500,000 or $600,000 anymore. It's over"

There was just over a week left until the fight between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane. A fight we’ve known for some time as the last on the current UFC champion’s contract since he hasn’t signed a new contract.

And why he didn't sign it, or why the UFC is in no hurry, can be found in the clause of the same, which has recently been released. Namely, if Francis wins this fight, his contract is automatically extended. This is a contract he signed in December 2017, just before the first attack on the title and the fight against Stipe Miočić.

It was a contract many times richer than the one he had until then. But Ngannou believes he has done a lot in the meantime and is worth more now. He openly revealed that this is the last fight he will do under such conditions, regardless of whether his victory will automatically continue.

"No, I will no longer fight for $ 500.000 or $ 600,000. It's over, I did the job. I accepted this fight for personal reasons. I just want to reveal to you how I was treated unfairly and I want to be able to confirm that I completed my obligation of eight fights."

"But I can’t, ”Francis said in an interview with MMA Fighting. From the whole story, it seems as if he did not fully understand how things stand, that is, as if he was convinced that if he became a champion, he would eventually get a new contract with better conditions.

But he welcomed the end of this in a situation where the UFC is clearly not ready to meet his demands. In any case, if he beat Gane, his contract is extended for another year or three fights, but he has already confirmed that he has no intention of continuing to fight under the same conditions.

Francis Ngannou on UFC

He confirmed that in addition to higher incomes, he also expects a permit to go to boxing, and this is something without which he will not sign a new contract, regardless of all other items that he would bring.

"We've been in negotiations for over a year now and I thought everything was going in the right direction. Yes, I want to box and I would like the UFC to be involved." "When they get involved everything gets even bigger.

At times I would say they're interested, on moments no so I don't know where we stand on that issue anymore ", he said, confirming once again that he thinks there are no unrealistic conditions: "I'm here where I am because I deserve it.

No one gave me anything. I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but I know I will succeed in my intentions." "And I will continue to do so. I want to win this fight, but if I lose it, no problem. I don't think it takes anything away from what I've done."

"Even if this is some kind of end, I can say that I succeeded. A lot of people with better predispositions and opportunities than me, in the end, don't have a story like this. I'm happy. " Francis Ngannou seems to have given up on the UFC, but let’s wait for the outcome