Michael Chandler: "Fighters don't realize how good an organization UFC is"

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Michael Chandler: "Fighters don't realize how good an organization UFC is"

Earlier in the day, you had a chance to read how Mark Hunt came out sharply against the UFC and spat at the whole company. The retired New Zealander believes that the world's strongest MMA promotion treats its fighters terribly and does not care at all about their health and financial security.

Dissatisfied fighters have always been part of the UFC. However, stars like Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones are also increasingly appearing in public, demanding better contracts and higher payouts. Still, one of those who sided with the UFC is Michael Chandler.

The 35-year-old American lightweight fighter, in the ninth month of 2020, signed for the UFC. Michael Chandler has made three UFC appearances so far and can be said to have some UFC experience. However, Chandler has a lot more experience with other promotions, especially Bellator, for which he played for ten years.

Many see Bellator as the second strongest organization in the world, but Chandler explained during a visit to the MMA Hour that there are significant differences between the UFC and other promotions. '' Guys like Diaz, Conor, and Ngannnou don't understand how big and great promotion UFC is.

For most of them, the UFC is the only thing they know." "Conor only knows about the UFC, Francis and Nate Diaz too. They are unaware of how much better the UFC is than any other organization." "How much better the treatment of veterans is, starting from caring for the health of veterans all the way to other business perspectives.

I’ve been out of the UFC for a long time, and by coming to the UFC, I had the luxury of understanding the difference between other promotions and the UFC, ”Chandler explained.

Michael Chandler is right?

One could say that Michael Chandler is almost certainly right.

As much as some fighters feel that the UFC doesn’t provide good conditions, the reality is that better MMA promotion doesn’t exist right now. However, that is not the point in the whole story. Clearly, other promotions can’t match the UFC, but the crux of the problem lies in something else.

Namely, UFC fighters believe that promotion does not provide its maximum when it comes to caring for fighters, both in terms of health and finances. Being better than others is not enough if there are opportunities for something more.

It is true that to the UFC on the business and financial side, there is no point in paying fighters more, as long as there is no competition that would threaten them in this regard. However, what about that human side and empathy towards fighters who damage their health by performing under their auspices? That’s exactly what more and more UFC fighters see as a big problem.

Unfortunately, until all the fighters come together or until a better alternative emerges, there will be no change, and fighters like Michael Chandler are only further retaliating on the way to that.