Derrick Lewis: "I took marijuana before the match against Gane because I was nervous"

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Derrick Lewis: "I took marijuana before the match against Gane because I was nervous"

Four wins in a row, two knockouts in a row, and a chance to win the UFC Heavyweight Interim Champion belt. All of that is the situation Derrick Lewis was in, until August 7 last year. The ‘Black Beast’ lost three years earlier to Daniel Cormier in the heavyweight belt fight, and although many are still skeptical about Lewis ’quality, he is still at the top.

He had a second chance to reach the belt on August 7, and if we add that the event was held in Houston, everything led to the crown of his career so far. Still, Ciryl Gane had other plans. Lewis was knocked out in front of the home crowd in the third round and disappointed many, but above all, himself.

Although the home field and the home crowd usually represent an advantage in sports, Lewis believes that all this only made the situation more difficult for him. ‘‘ I never want to experience that again. It was too much pressure, really too much.

It got to the point that I called people to get weed (marijuana) from them, so I could relax my nerves." "It was that kind of pressure. I've never felt so bad. In fact, before I went to court before they gave me a prison sentence.

It’s the only time I’ve felt that kind of pressure. ’’ Lewis began as a guest at the MMA Hour, then took a further look at August 7, a day that is extremely significant in his life. ‘‘ UFC 265 took place the same day I got out of jail.

It’s a 13-year difference, but it was the same date. I put a lot of pressure on myself because of that because it would be a great story, from thorns to stars. "

Derrick Lewis ups and downs

Derrick Lewis failed to write the story he wanted.

Life reminded him that ups and downs never stop, and the mere fact that he was released from prison on that date could not have been enough for him to overcome a fighter like Gane. The home field did not help either, on the contrary, according to him, Lewis described how he felt after the defeat.

‘‘ I was really embarrassed. I feel like I should have done a lot more than I actually did. I was afraid of the exchange, I didn’t want to pull the trigger and release the brake." "I was too static.

I could keep talking about what I could have done better, but it didn’t happen and so I have to leave that behind and move forward." "If the two of us meet again, the outcome will be different. I believe in that and everyone believes that the match would have been significantly different if it had not been held in Houston.

", Concluded" Black Beast " Derrick Lewis could find himself in the ring with Gane again, and that would be his ideal chance for a rematch