Yoshinori Horie tells about sex act to start UFC career

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Yoshinori Horie tells about sex act to start UFC career

A rather surprising discovery comes from Japan, more precisely by Yoshinori Horie. The 26-year-old Japanese MMA fighter revealed via Twitter that he was earning extra money in a bizarre way for a while so that he could finance his sports career.

Namely, Horie explained that one of his friends revealed an easy way to earn money, and it was about giving the act of masturbation to other men, the so-called "handjob" Although it was supposed to be easy money, Horie explained how he was deceived in various ways.

However, his desire for an MMA career was so great that he agreed to engage in such things. "I didn't have the money, and I really wanted to do MMA at my own expense," Horie wrote. The Japanese MMA fighter added that he earned about $ 175 in less than an hour of work.

He did not earn that much even after a full two working days at the job he normally did. It was a financially significant thing for him and he quickly secured himself to the point that he could dedicate himself to martial arts.

However, certain psychological scars remained as a result of all this. '' It's pretty painful to remember now, but while I'm alive, I can chase my dreams. I like women too, not men. I did it for money so I could dedicate my life to MMA, '' the Japanese added in another "tweet" he wrote.

Yoshinori Horie chased his dreams

While this is an act that a mass of people will be horrified by, it must be admitted that Yoshinori Horie is one of those who is truly ready for anything because of her dreams. Many say they are, but deeds speak louder than words.

Of course, the question arises as to whether the Japanese could have sought some more acceptable forms of earnings, but who are we to judge him. The 26-year-old fighter is currently performing under the auspices of Rizin, but he was once a member of the UFC.

He managed to make only one appearance for the strongest MMA organization and was defeated by Hakeem Dawodu, by knockout in the third round. The match was held in the seventh month of 2019. Horie has 12 wins and three losses in his career and is currently on a string of three consecutive wins.

Yoshinori Horie has already shocked many with his tweets, but he has also shown he is brave in some ways, as he has had the courage to admit how he made money.