Ariel Helwani reveals why the UFC doesn’t want to contract Diaz and Poirier’s fight

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Ariel Helwani reveals why the UFC doesn’t want to contract Diaz and Poirier’s fight

As soon as we were delighted by the information that the fight between Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier is close, we were brought down to earth by the information that this is not the case. And it all started with Dustin informing his fans that he should fight soon and that his opponent will be Nate.

He did not reveal the date but said the fight would be sooner than anyone expected. From this, it could easily be concluded that the fight was offered to him and that he accepted it. But not long after that, bad news came from Diaz's side.

He said there would be nothing from that fight, even stating that the UFC had no intention of giving him Poirier and that they said he was a “suc*er”. It was clear that Nate was actually playing with the media a bit and that the problem was somewhere else.

The real reason for this situation came from none other than Ariel Helwani. "The most famous nose of MMA" sniffed the story, and then came to the information he was looking for through his sources. He brought it up on The Ringer MMA show, a podcast he hosts with two other colleagues on Spotify.

"Obviously Nate wants that fight, he wants to fight as soon as possible. Dustin also wants that fight. The UFC wants that fight too. But they want it with one addition." "They want to extend its contract with Nate Diaz.

And that's actually this which leads to the key points of this whole scenario, ”Helwani said.

UFC intentions

The UFC’s intentions are clear. They want to continue working with Diaz, but it seems that he does not want to negotiate until his contract expires.

It is assumed that his intentions are to do a boxing match against Jake Paul, at a time when he is not dependent on the UFC, after which he would be ready to enter into negotiations to return to the organization. The UFC and Dana White are of the opinion that they don’t want to see any of their fighters in a relationship with Paul and maybe that’s where the problem is.

"It's like they asked him if he wants that fight, and if he wants, then he has to sign a contract for a few more. Or at least one more, which would probably be a fight against Conor, and that's not a bad offer at all," Helwani added, confirming above: What is happening now is actually fascinating.

Jake Paul is the guy on the other end of all this, and Masvidal, Diaz, and all the other guys are looking at him and thinking they can make a lot of money, only if they go to their world. And for that, must get rid of the UFC contract. " Sounds like a classic UFC business to us, doesn’t it?