Fernand Lopez: "Francis Ngannou is a different animal"

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Fernand Lopez: "Francis Ngannou is a different animal"

The fight between Cyril Gane and Francis Ngannou has sparked various opinions in the world of MMA. It is a match that most have been waiting for and two great fighters will be in the ring. They both have phenomenal statistics and we can only expect the best from them.

Fernand Lopez had experience with both fighters and was their coach even though Ngannou left his helm three years ago. “Francis is intelligent. Ciryl is a computer,” Lopez told MMA Junkie. “Francis is very, very strong.

Ciryl is strong as a heavyweight”. Fernand Lopez did not want to underestimate anyone, but he obviously has a great opinion of Francis Ngannou who is a top fighter and one of the best in the organization. He praised his speed and readiness the most
“Definitely it’s a good preparation, but it doesn’t mean anything,” Lopez said of Gane’s win over Lewis.

“Francis Ngannou is a different animal, moving faster – he’s pretty quick for that weight class." "He’s kind of fast for that weight class. People underestimate how fast Francis can be. He’s fast.

Ciryl is faster, but Francis is fast. He’s kind of quick when he moves." "He has decent footwork and he’s athletic. When Ciryl Gane fought Derrick Lewis, there were a couple of times where Derrick Lewis rushed to try and cut him, to cut the angle.

Advantage of Francis Ngannou

He also mentioned what could be the advantage of Francis Ngannou, although both fighters are fast and technically well-honed. It is certain that we will enjoy watching their match because indeed they are both top fighters and this is a match we have been waiting for for a long time.

“But because of his athleticism that Ciryl Gane can run faster, he eventually escaped. If that was Francis, he would have closed the gap a little bit faster than that, so I think this is what he should do – try to learn how to close that gap a little bit faster."

"But again, you never know what’ll happen if you try and close that gap faster because if you go faster, you can’t control and break. That means if the direction changes, you fall. That’s why this fight is kind of intriguing”.

Francis Ngannou used to train with Cyril Gane and you know a video from a few weeks ago that caused controversy. Ngannou will have a chance to silence all those critics