Cub Swanson wants a title fight against Uriah Faber

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Cub Swanson wants a title fight against Uriah Faber

Cub Swanson is determined in his desire and obviously wants to drop down to 135 pounds. Swanson is very interested in the match against Urijah Faber, who currently holds the promotion title. This will be an ideal opportunity for Swanson, of course, if that happens “After fighting a stretch of up-and-comers, I was excited to fight Elkins because it was somebody that’s been around for a while, someone there’s tons of tape on, somebody close to my age,” Swanson said to MMA Junkie Radio.

“There were a lot of things where I was like, ‘Ah, we’re two veterans, we’re going to go and throw down.’ I think fighting Urijah is the same thing on another level. People love him and people have loved me for years, so I think it always makes for a great fight.

We should have fought many, many times and just never did, so why not now? “We should do it for an honorary WEC belt. They did the ‘BMF’ belt, so why not? Throwback”.

Cub Swanson losing weight

Cub Swanson thinks that he will not have any problems with losing weight and obviously has a huge desire to fight, so this will not be an obstacle for him.

“As far as dropping to 135, this was the easiest cut for me at 145 that I’ve had maybe since my first couple of WEC fights. But I could have made 140 on the scale pretty easily,” Swanson said. “I think 135 would have been tough, but I think with some strict dieting, it wouldn’t be a problem for me.

It will also be a test of how his body will withstand and adapt to new conditions, but there is no doubt that Cub Swanson is certainly ready and can adapt to anything. We hope that there will be a fight because that would really be a real spectacle “My plan is to get back into the gym once my hand heals, and I’ve got Juan Archuleta, Dan Argueta and T.J.

(Dillashaw). I’ve got a bunch of 135’er teammates that are all getting ready for their fights, trying to get back in there." "So I want to keep my weight down and help them, and I want to see how my body performs while I’m keeping my weight a little lower than normal and see if it’s doable for me”. Cub Swanson will train hard and prepare for the eventual match that awaits him