Michael Bisping doubts Francis Ngannou's abilities against boxers

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Michael Bisping doubts Francis Ngannou's abilities against boxers

Francis Ngannou's love for boxing is no secret. The UFC heavyweight champion is eager to try his hand at the sport. A few days ago, you had a chance to read that Ngannou has no plans to sign a new contract with the UFC unless his boxing match option is included.

It is clear to everyone that Francis' forte is a standing fight. 12 knockouts through a total of 16 matches played, a series of fights that didn’t even come out of the first round, are just some of his references when it comes to hitting skills.

However, the "Predator" is often blamed for the lack of technique, which he manages to make up for with the enormous power he possesses. One of the skeptics when it comes to Francis Ngannou's ’transition to boxing is former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping.

The retired fighter and currently UFC commentator, via his YouTube channel, commented on the topic. “I think all of this could be a distraction,” Bisping said in a video posted on his YouTube channel, as quoted by scmp “Ciryl Gane is a very, very tough opponent for any man”.

“You’ve just got to be careful,” he added. “You can say ‘I’m not being distracted,’ but that’s not how distractions work. Ciryl Gane is probably in the gym, in training camp right now, just thinking about Francis Ngannou, formulating a game plan."

"Then when you Google Francis Ngannou, it’s talk about contract, it’s talk about money, and it’s talk about boxing. You’ve got to be careful.

Bisping on Ngannou

"Of course Ngannou believes in himself and will certainly continue to insist on a boxing match.

However, many questions arise, even if UFC leaders allow him such a trip. The question is which boxer would agree to that match." "Francis Ngannou is popular, but not at the level of Conor McGregor, who got the chance to box with Floyd Mayweather.

If Ngannou’s fight with someone like Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua can attract a lot of interest and earnings, there is no doubt that the promoters will recognize it." "Time will tell what will happen to Francis' planned boxing trip.

Yesterday, he and Tyson Fury exchanged suggestions for their potential match Michael Bisping believes that this is a completely different sport and that it will not be easy for him “He wants to test himself against the likes of Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder,” Bisping said.

“I understand that. The man goes out there [in the UFC], he gets the job done with the hands, and that’s what you do in boxing. But these are different sports. They really are different sports.