Fernand Lopez annoyed at Francis Ngannou's accusations

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Fernand Lopez annoyed at Francis Ngannou's accusations

We’ve all noticed that footage of a sparring match between Cyril Gane and Francis Ngannou has been attracting a lot of attention in recent weeks. Although this is a video that BT Sport shared at the beginning of 2021, now, on the eve of the match between the two heavyweights, this video is once again attracting the interest of fans.

Both fighters commented. Francis Ngannou believes that this is a clip that systematically portrays him as a worse fighter. "Predator" believes that this is an attempt to be manipulated by his former team (MMA Factory), more precisely, coach Fernando Lopez.

'' My first reaction to that video was laughter. I know exactly what happened in those training. But here's the thing. Whenever someone wants to make a clip with the best moments, they always choose the parts of the video they will use."

"They (MMA Factory) have a lot of videos like that because then they filmed us to promote him, his matches and everything else. There are a lot of recordings from these training, but a lot of them have never been published."

"The fact is that they will never be published, and I know why. It’s about wanting to portray him better and me worse. He's a guy. I am fascinated by how easily they manipulate people through such things."

"But at the end of the day, they and I know what happened then, '' Francis Ngannou said via his Youtube channel Ciryl Gane tried to calm the tensions and admitted that this sparring gives the impression that he is better, but that there are also sparring matches where Francis Ngannou was the one who is better.

Of course, Fernand Lopez, the current coach of Cyril Gane and the former coach of Francis Ngannou, had to get involved in the whole story. '' No one used that video to portray someone worse or Gane better. Whatever part of the sparring we put in, someone will say we put the part where it looks bad."

"There is no manipulation here. The manipulation would be that we changed the speed within the video and that he seemed slower and Ciryl faster." "I don't think this video is good for Cyril. We can see Francis hit him with an uppercut a few times and so I don't know why the dust is rising around this, '' the famous MMA coach explained in an interview with MMA Junkie.

Francis Ngannou vs Cyril Gane

However, in the continuation of the conversation, Lopez revealed that some other parts of the video would portray Francis Ngannou in an even worse light, but they do not want to pay much attention to it.

'' I think that video presents exactly what the training normally looked like. At the end of that video, ask Francis, he knelt down. He simply knelt down and sat down, stopped fighting as he received a knee blow to the liver."

"I have that recording, but I don’t want to release it to the public. Do you think that a video of a sparring knockout makes someone a winner in a fight? I do not think so." "If our social media manager had decided to make Ngannou worse, then he would have released a video where Gane is trying to raise him because Ngannou received a knee in the liver.

He sat against the wall and could not continue, "Lopez added. It is already a bit bizarre that this much weight is given to the sparring clip, which lasts a little less than a minute. Neither of the two fighters showed any dominance in that footage.

However, it is certain that UFC leaders are enjoying the publicity that this match receives through that recording, and after all, we will find out everything on January 22, at the UFC 270 event. It is certain that both Francis Ngannou and Cyril Ganne are great fighters