Because Cobra Kai never dies!

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Because Cobra Kai never dies!

"Cobra Kai is not a hobby, it is not a club. You will be Cobra Kai for life, because Cobra Kai never dies!" 36 years the first Karate Kid movies, the protagonists of that first iconic movie come back to tell us old and new stories, feuds, loves, but, above all, martial arts, in particular Karate.

Because the TV series available on NETFLIX is an ode to sport and the depth of martial arts. Seen this time through the eyes of the nemesis, Jonny Lawrance, the perfect embodiment of the anti-hero. Cobra Kai, the new spin-off series of the saga that has already yielded two seasons, moves from the events of the first film, including what happened in the second and third, but resuming the thread interrupted in 1984 when Daniel Larusso, in the final of the karate tournament of the town theater of history, knocked out, with his legendary crane kick, his rival in the ring (and not only) Johnny Lawrence.

The interesting thing is that the series takes on a change of perspective from the first film. This time the story moves from the perspective of the loser, the bad Lawrence, who from being a pupil of the upper class has become a failure who lives for the day, struggles to make ends meet and resides in a modest accommodation for which he can hardly even pay the rent.

Lawrence, for those who do not remember, was the unpleasant blond, as well as the best student of the Cobra Kai karate school, who tormented Larusso.

Karate mainstream with Cobrai Kai

William Zabka is among the executive producers of this new script along with Ralph Macchio himself, who himself is not that he has made sparks as an actor in the meantime.

To enter the plot, Lawrence one evening finds himself by chance defending a boy from a beating by some of his schoolmates and on the occasion he realizes that he is still doing well with martial arts; Thus he comes up with the idea of ​​reopening the dojo where he trained as a young man by teaching the boy the art of karate, obviously in the way he was taught: strike first, strike hard, no mercy.

For his part, Larusso was lucky in his life: he now successfully runs a chain of car dealerships, lives in a beautiful house and has a wonderful family. But when he learns that his old rival has reopened the Cobra Kai he doesn't take it well at all and will do anything, even resorting to improper maneuvers to make him shut it down.

And so the rivalry between the two, never subsided over the years and also rekindled by old grievances of a sentimental nature. With an irresistible self-deprecating streak, the story proves to be able to entertain and move, but above all to stage well-made moments of sport: challenges, tournaments, blows, for all martial arts lovers.