Aljamain Sterling's friend: "He had bad consequences after the match vs Peter Yan"

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Aljamain Sterling's friend: "He had bad consequences after the match vs Peter Yan"

In the early third month of 2021, the UFC’s bantamweight category got a new champion. Aljamain Sterling defeated Peter Yan and thus took the throne of the category. However, all this came with a lot of controversies. Namely, the match ended with the disqualification of the previous champion, due to an illegal knee blow to Aljamain Sterling's head.

Although the blow is definitely not allowed and everyone is aware of it, Aljamain Sterling has been the target of numerous criticisms. Namely, many critics and fans believe that Aljamain Sterling greatly exaggerated the whole situation.

His reactions give the impression of acting and many do not believe him when he says that he really could not continue the match. Petr Yan is also aware that he was wrong, but he doesn't miss the opportunity to call Aljamain Sterling an actor either.

Still, Henoc Maurice, one of Sterling’s friends and co-host of the Weekly Scraps Podcast, stood in defense of his friend and current bantamweight champion. "Everyone says, 'He acted.' But no one knows what actually happened.

I don't think even you (addressing Aljamain Sterling, op. Cit.) did not talk about the moments when you were at home and you could barely get out of bed." "You went to the bathroom and you vomited. Nobody knows that because I know you don't like to be talked about.

But I will now find out how Aljamain Sterling was in the bathroom, vomiting and saying, ‘Brother, I don’t know what’s wrong with my head’." "You did not see the consequences it had, '' Henoc Maurice explained in a video

Aljaman Sterling vs Peter Yan 2

Aljamain Sterling did not enter the cage after that match, but this year he will have a rematch against Peter Yan.

In the meantime, the Russian has reached the belt of the temporary champion and everyone is looking forward to the rematch of the first fight, which ended so unhappily. Aljamain Sterling and Peter Yan will have a huge motive in this match, and especially Aljamain Sterling who will have the desire to take revenge.

He is aware of what he has done, but right now he will have the opportunity to correct the mistake he made. The task will not be easy, but we believe that Aljamain Sterling is in the right shape A great fighter is waiting for him in the ring and it is certain that we can expect a real spectacle between two top fighters. Can Aljamain Sterling ultimately defeat Peter Yan?