Sean O’Malley: "Anonymous challenged me to sparring, and then he shit on the tatami"


Sean O’Malley: "Anonymous challenged me to sparring, and then he shit on the tatami"
Sean O’Malley: "Anonymous challenged me to sparring, and then he shit on the tatami"

Sean O’Malley gives us a handful of curiosities every time he finds himself in a cage. Sean O’Malley has a reputation as one of the most interesting potentials of the UFC bantamweight category, but also a complete roster.

however, Sean O’Malley isn’t just interesting within the arena. Namely, "Suga" is often a guest of various podcasts in which he tells various colorful stories. One perhaps not very vivid, but interesting story, Sean O’Malley told as a guest on the Full Send Podcast.

It’s about a sparring event he did seven or eight years ago. Namely, an unnamed person did not believe that Sean O’Malley was a fighter and agreed to spar with O'Malley. What exactly happened, Sean described. '' He didn't believe I was a fighter.

The team (Welch) worked in one of the UFC halls, they had a ring there and we brought that guy there. We didn't do it out of some evil intention, he wanted to fight me, that is, he wanted to spar."

Sean O’Malley on his sparring partner

"I kicked him in the body and he shit all over the tatami.

He literally shit on the tatami. But we didn’t know it, we kept fighting. I even stepped into it, into his shit. It was awful, '' Sean O’Malley began, recounting, then elaborating. "I stepped into it, we finished the round, and Tim said, 'There's shit in there.'

We thought one of the dogs was to blame for that. We made a video, I'm sorry we don't have it anymore." "That was seven or eight years ago. In the video, you can see how we suspected my dog. My little puppy was there and so I cleaned the tatami because I thought he did it." "However, when we watched the video, we saw shit falling out of his pants.

It's the only time someone wanted to fight me because they didn't believe I was a fighter, '' Sean O'Malley explained. Sean O’Malley is now definitely believed by everyone to be a fighter, as he has been enjoying great popularity for some time and climbing to the top of the bantamweight category.

All in all, it is a good thing that no one will suspect that he is a fighter anymore because there is a much lower chance that the above-mentioned situation will happen to him again. Sean O’Malley has shown his quality many times and he certainly has a great future in front of him

Sean O’malley

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