Who is Dustin Poirier wife Jolie Poirier?

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Who is Dustin Poirier wife Jolie Poirier?

We all know who Dustin Poirier is and how much he did in the UFC. He’s one of the most interesting faces and we can hardly imagine the UFC without him. But few know who Dustin Poirier's wife is. Who is the person standing next to the ring and supporting Poirier during his fights, and who has been following and supporting him all these years.

It is certainly not easy to be the wife of any fighter, including Dustin Poirier, but she performs such a role in a great way. Jolie Poirier was born on March 4, 1989, and according to sportskeeda, the couple started their relationship at the age of 14, and it is really impressive how long they have been together.

Obviously, this marriage can be an example to others. Although we mostly hear information about how wives prevent their chosen ones from fighting because they are aware of the risks they take when they enter the ring, Jolie is obviously a completely different thinking “What’s beautiful tho, my wife’s been there since the first fight when I was 18” “Those times you asked if I ever thought about stopping, she is the one who said‘ You Can’t ’”.

- Dustin Poirier said, as quoted by sportskeeda Jolie Poirier attended Northside High School but did not reveal any more details, because she obviously wants to keep her life as secret as possible. Jolie Poirier is the VP / Director for The Good Fight Foundation, and by all accounts she looks like a brave woman, and no wonder she is married to Dustin Poirier who is one of the bravest fighters in the UFC

Dustin Poirier and Jolie Poirier

Speaking of her family, Jolie Poirier’s parents are Terry and Carl LeBlanc.

Jolie Poirier has one brother and sister. Their marriage began in 2009, away from the public eye. Only those closest to them were there; family and friends Dustin Poirier and Jolie Poirier have one daughter: Parker Noelle Poirier, born in 2016 Her reactions during Dustin Poirier's fights are also interesting, especially when he knocked out McGregor, Jolie's voice was heard saying: "That's the last time you're going to doubt my husband."

Jolie Poirier is also active on social networks, where she is currently followed by 146K people, and we believe that over time that number will increase even more. Dustin Poirier and Jolie Poirier are an example of a harmonious marriage that nothing has managed to destroy.

It is impressive how long they have been together, and this woman can be an example of what kind of support a woman should give to a man.