Garbrandt: ‘I feel great in my category, but for O’Malley I’ll be back in the bantam'

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Garbrandt: ‘I feel great in my category, but for O’Malley I’ll be back in the bantam'

Cody Garbrandt has changed a lot in his career, only to finally get rid of the disappointments he has experienced in almost every fight from the beginning of 2017 until today. He dropped into the flyweight category, changed his training habits, and came to the UFC 269 event full of confidence early last month.

And then another disappointment, a knockout defeat by Kai Kara France brought him to a standstill again. Still, the former bantamweight champion claims that this time he does not feel lost, but that he is actually still convinced that there are some good things ahead of him.

"The camp was great, I felt great. The rehydration and recovery process went great and I really felt great at 57 pounds. I was just hit by a good shot, after which I failed to recover." "He hit me and I paused a bit.

I started to move and I thought I was fine. But I felt I hadn't fully recovered yet. That's why I took him down. We stayed on the floor for a while, after which we got back on our feet," he began the story during the Rollin 'with the Hommies podcast, continuing: "Then I was surprised that I still hadn't fully recovered.

He started putting pressure on me, threw the combinations, and managed to capitalize on them." "Congratulations, he was able to do his job. But I still think this is a good category for me, I like what I was able to do during the preparation camp.

The whole experience before the fight was very positive. " Although he feels great in the flyweight category, his return to the Bantam is still not written off. Especially if he gets some fights that interest him and because of which he would be ready for it.

Sean O'Malley

However, one is in the foreground, the one around which there are already extremely strong tensions. "I'm going to have to decide where I want to fight next because I feel great in both categories.

To go back to the bantam now, I would do some things differently." "There are some good fights for me. In the foreground Sean O'Malley, I really want him. It's a fight that already has a background and I hope it can be arranged."

"Because of something like that I would stay in a bantam. Maybe he would fight me now because I'm not ranked in that category. I respect his skills, in the last fight he raised to an even higher level." "But we knew that the only way he could beat Paiva was to catch him early and he succeeded in that.

Honestly, he did the job and got into the rankings. Now it's up to me to go back to the bow and beat him up. " The worst thing for him was to look at various tips on how he should consider retirement. As someone who is still at a young age for an MMA fighter, Cody hasn’t even thought about something like that.

"When I'm done is just my decision. No fans, Dana White or anyone but me. When I know I don't have what I need anymore, that I can't push myself in training until I feel capable provide my best release, then I'll be done."

"But I'm 30 years old and it seems like it's pretty far from me. I still have a lot more in my tank. I just have to fix some things and it'll be fine. " Cody concluded