Fedor chose the next opponent for his last fight

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Fedor chose the next opponent for his last fight

Fedor Emelianenko had a great return to Russia, which he did in October last year. He met Tim Johnson in Bellator's cage and then knocked him out. If he had retired that day, in front of the full stands of his compatriots, no one would have resented him, it would have been a great picture.

But even before the fight, Fedor decided that if everything went according to plan, he would complete his contract with Bellator. And he has another fight there. For that last fight, his ambitions did not subside. He does not want an opponent who would be an easy bite for him in the end, someone through whom he would surely retire with his hand raised.

He wants a challenge, he wants to try again against Ryan Bader, Bellator’s heavyweight champion. Bader will defend his title against Fedor's student Valentin Moldavski at the Bellator 273 event on January 29, and he will be present there.

Scott Coker revealed Fedor's plan

He is ready to challenge immediately if his student fails in his plan. This was confirmed in an interview with MMA Junkie by the president of the promotion, Scott Coker. "That's what Fedor asked me to do.

If Ryan beats Moldova, he wants to fight him. That's what he revealed to me. I told him he would get all the options in early January and we'll wait to see that fight too. "He said he was fine," Coker said, continuing.

Fedor is one of the greatest fighters and it is certain that his name will remain inscribed in golden letters in the history of MMA. Apparently, they want to give him a real spectacle when he leaves "For Fedor's last fight, we want to do something really great in Russia.

He deserves to go in great style, the way his career was and everything he has achieved in it." Fedor did his first professional MMA fight in 2000, after great results in sambo wrestling. After great results at Pride and stumbling in the American Strikeforce, he retired in 2012, only to return to fighting three years later.

He has been a member of Bellator since 2017. He competed in the heavyweight Grand Prix, where he reached the finals. There he was overpowered by the man against whom he has now expressed a desire for revenge, Ryan Bader. Fedor is eager for revenge, and he seems to believe that he can give his best in his later years