PPV figures show that McGregor is the most interesting fighter in the UFC

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PPV figures show that McGregor is the most interesting fighter in the UFC

It is generally known that Conor McGregor is by far the biggest UFC star. In fact, "Notorious" is by far the most popular MMA fighter. His popularity on social networks and statistics on the number of broadcasts sold speak in his favor.

If we add that he is also the richest MMA fighter in the world, there can be no dilemma, McGregor is the most popular MMA fighter in the world. However, his results in recent years are not particularly good. The Irishman has recorded only one win and three defeats in the last three years.

2021 is a particularly bad year for Notorious. Conor made two appearances within this calendar year, but Dustin Poirier beat him both times with a stoppage. If we add that McGregor came out of the second match with a broken leg, it is hard to imagine a worse outcome for him.

Still, PPV figures show Conor McGregor is still the main face of the UFC, at least when it comes to fighters. Namely, two events led by Conor (UFC 257 and UFC 264) sold 3.4 million PPV copies. The UFC sold a total of 8.5 million PPV transfers in 2021.

So the Conor-led shows sold 38 percent of the UFC’s PPV transfers sold in the current year. This is a survey conducted by the Instagram page MadnessMMA. If we check the data on Tapology as well, the numbers are slightly different.


Namely, according to their data, the UFC 257 event sold 1.6 million PPVs, while the UFC 264 event was slightly weaker with 1.5 PPV transmissions sold. It’s hard to say who has the most accurate data, but the fact is that Conor McGregor continues to attract huge interest, despite poorer results.

His return to fighting after a serious injury will no doubt once again attract huge audience interest. However, McGregor must return with victories, because his popularity among true MMA fans will decline over time if he continues to lose.

We believe, however, that Conor has taken things more seriously and will be much more prepared in the next matches. He showed with pictures on social networks how much he has progressed, and how hard he trains. We will see who will prepare him for the next match, but it is certain that McGregor will do his best and try to register a victory. We could soon find out who will be waiting for him in the ring