Kevin Lee: "It's funny to compare GSP and Usman, GSP is a bigger fighter"

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Kevin Lee: "It's funny to compare GSP and Usman, GSP is a bigger fighter"

Somewhat surprisingly, Kevin Lee was fired from the UFC late last month. However, Motown Phenom quickly made ends meet and signed a contract with the Eagle FC promotion. It is a promotion led by Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Kevin Lee will make his debut in the third month, on March 11, against Diego Sanchez.

Even though Lee has left the UFC, the Detroit fighter still gets a chance to look back at events within the promotion. So during an interview with Helen Yee and The Schmo, Lee came up with the topic of the greatest fighter in UFC welterweight history.

Canadian Georges St-Pierre is still without a doubt the holder of that title. On two occasions, the GSP won the welterweight belt and defended it a total of nine times. If we add the belt in the middleweight category, his complete legacy is even greater.

However, Kamaru Usman is getting a little closer to his status. The great Nigerian is the current welterweight champion and has successfully defended his belt five times. 15 wins and no defeats within the UFC welterweight division is a great performance and is increasingly being compared to Georges St-Pierre.

Still, Kevin Lee believes Usman needs to do much bigger things to be able to compare to size like the GSP. '' I don't like people doing that comparison. GSP is definitely bigger. Let's remove that debate. I don’t think it’s even possible for Kamaru to get bigger unless he goes into the light heavyweight division and beats Jon Jones."

"If he does it, then fine. If he goes to light heavyweight, do matches with Jones, Blachowicz, and Adesanya or someone, okay, we can talk. But until then, I hate this comparison, '' Lee said.


Although the question was about the greatest welterweight in history, so Kevin's argument about moving to the light heavyweight division doesn't make much sense, it's still somewhat clear what Lee is talking about.

He understood the question as a comparison of GSP and Usman as the whole, not limiting the comparison only to the results in welterweight. It is no secret that many expect Usman to move to a higher category and attack another belt, but this will not happen, as long as this category is ruled by his friend and compatriot Israel Adesanya.

Controversy over who is bigger has always been and will continue to be, but we must admit that both fighters are one of the greatest and that they must be recognized for that.