Dana White believes that Ngannou has the wrong people around him

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Dana White believes that Ngannou has the wrong people around him

Earlier in the day, and often in recent months, you’ve had the opportunity to read about the strained relationship between the UFC leadership and Francis Ngannou and his MPs. The UFC heavyweight champion was set to become the new mega-star after finally reaching the belt at the end of the third month.

However, the car went downhill and the relationship between the Cameroonian and the UFC has never been worse. On January 22, 2022, Ngannou could even play his last match under the auspices of the world’s strongest MMA promotion.

His manager Marquel Martin revealed that the negotiations were not going very well, ie that there was a stalemate. However, the positive thing is that both sides claim to be open and interested in continuing cooperation. UFC President Dana White, while guesting on THE FIGHT with the Teddy Atlas podcast, explained how he met Francis.

The impression is that White has correct relations with "Predator", but he has a problem with his managers. '' Francis and I met each other and we went to dinner and we had a good conversation. His contract does not expire if he wins that match."

Ngannou and his representatives

Dana White does not seem particularly bothered by the fact that one of the best fighters may even leave his organization "I think he has one more match left with us after that. You know, I keep saying, this sport is fun for me.

If he doesn’t want to be here, if he doesn’t have fun, then it’s definitely not fun for me either." Dana White believes that Francis Ngannou has the wrong people around him, and that is the main problem.

"Everyone here is an adult and everyone decides about their life and their life path. But I think Francis and I had a good conversation. I think he’s misdirected by some people who aren’t particularly bright, you know."

"It doesn't help when there are people behind you who have no idea what they're doing and talking about, '' he told White Teddy Atlas. Whether cooperation can continue at all, when it needs to be negotiated by people who are obviously intolerant, time will tell.

Maybe Francis himself will choose other representatives, or maybe he will just stay loyal to the people who have represented him so far and leave the world's strongest MMA promotion. We will find out in the weeks to come after the match with Gane.