Covington furious at Dana White: "I'm not number 2, I'll be the champion"

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Covington furious at Dana White: "I'm not number 2, I'll be the champion"

One of the MMA fights that marked 2021 is the rematch between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. After Usman celebrated a stoppage in the final round of the fight in late 2019, Covington took him to the referee’s decision this time, but the winner hasn’t changed.

Usman was threatened in the fight, but in the end, he did enough to remain the champion. His biggest rival was close once again, but he didn’t take those few steps to the top that he missed. He remained too short again.

For the end of the year, Covington recapitulated the fight once again in a big interview for MMA Fighting, where he revealed that he actually has only one goal in his career. "Defeating Marty Fake Newsman is my goal.

I'm a better fighter than him and we're so equal that it's something that should be decided like a series for the champion, the best of seven fights, in four matches won." "And that makes sense because we are so close on paper.

We have a lot of similar attributes, from tactics to styles. If we fought seven times, I would beat him four times, "Covington put forward the idea of ​​how to confirm who is better. Then he added: "Even he said after the last fight that we could have a trilogy.

And he knows in his heart that he has not confirmed that he is a better fighter than me." "He has been with me inside for almost an hour now and he knows that he has not confirmed it. He didn't knock me out, he didn't make me unconscious or force me to surrender.

I beat him in both fights, I got more rounds," "The second fight was purely mine. In the fourth round I threatened and hurt him so much they shouldn't have let him continue. He's lucky he got a minute to rest."

"He didn't confirm anything. He has to dominate to confirm that he's a better fighter than me, and he didn't. He tells people he's a champion and a better fighter than me, but inside everyone knows what is the real truth."

Dana White's statement

We should not be surprised by his attitude. Colby gives us the impression that he lives in a world of his own or that at least he looks at everything that happens in a completely different way, one that goes in accordance with what he constantly repeats.

This was actually confirmed very well after he was asked to comment on Dana White's statement that it was confirmed that he is still number 2 at the moment in the very strong UFC welterweight category. "I don't know what Dana is saying.

I'm a champion. I'm an American champion, and that's a much bigger title than their belt. I'm Donald Trump's favorite fighter, and that's something bigger than any UFC title." "Dana, what are you talking about? Look at the ten rounds we've done.

If we look at the work I've done I've taken a clean six rounds. Maybe I'm even leading 7: 3." "Ask people who their champion is. I'm their champion because I'm fighting for them, and I'm just starting out.

Usman came out of the first two fights with the help of luck, he had referees on his side, both the points and the ones in the Octagon." "He cheated all the time, I never. I didn't hit him in the eye, I didn't grab the fence, I didn't hit him in the back of the head.

He does it all the time, if someone hits you there you'll see stars very quickly." "I'm not a cheater, I'm not a coward like him. It's not right for Dana to say I'm number two in the world. I will become a champion and then I will show who is the best in the world and which of us is a better fighter."