Francis Ngannou is furious about the sparring footage with Gane

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Francis Ngannou is furious about the sparring footage with Gane

The second half of the first month, January 22, 2022, is a date that MMA fans are increasingly looking forward to. The UFC 270 event will offer a series of great matches, but the fight between Cyril Gane and Francis Ngannou is leading the event and is certainly one of the most anticipated the UFC can currently offer.

Tensions between Francis Ngannou and his former MMA Factory team are constantly rising. The quarrel between Francis and his former coach Fernando Lopez is the reason. Ciryl Gane is now Lopez's favorite and it would be an extremely sweet victory for Lopez, of course, if Gane manages to defeat the "Predator"

As Gane and Ngannou were once teammates and sparring partners, many are wondering who was better at sparring. Earlier this year, BT Sport shared a short clip they received from the MMA Factory. Ngannou believes that this is a planned recording, in order to make Gane look better and of better quality.

'' My first reaction to that video was laughter. I know exactly what happened in those training. But here's the thing. Whenever someone wants to make a clip with the best moments, they always choose the parts of the video they will use."


"They (MMA Factory) have a lot of videos like that because then they filmed us to promote him, his matches and everything else. There are a lot of recordings from these trainings, but a lot of them have never been published."

"The fact is that they will never be published, and I know why. It’s about wanting to portray him better and me worse. He's a guy. I am fascinated by how easily they manipulate people through such things."

"But at the end of the day, they and I know what happened then, '' Ngannou said via his Youtube channel, and then announced his match against Gane. '' I'm just better and I'm the man to stop that hype.

One is waiting for this fight because everyone is raising hype around it. When we enter the cage, he will feel my energy and the difference between the two of us," Predator announced. The match between Gane and Ngannou is exciting in itself.

These are two powerful hitters who prefer to fight in a standing position. However, all these background stories and quarrels make this match even more exciting and we can’t wait for January 22nd. We have no doubt that they are both extremely motivated before this duel