Joe Rogan decided to respond to criticism!

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Joe Rogan decided to respond to criticism!

One of the facets of the UFC is definitely Joe Rogan. A longtime commentator on UFC performances, he enjoys great popularity, and his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most famous and watched podcasts in the world.

However, as far as the commentary work is concerned, it seems that Rogan has had a certain saturation, so this year he did that job at only six events. Rogan took a four-month break from the seventh to the end of the tenth month, and then various questions and criticisms related to his work arose.

Some fans wrote that they enjoy the absence of Rogan, who in their opinion has become quite uninterested and uninformed. Rogan is also accused of bias in commenting on certain matches. Of course, there is always the other side, ie those who defend Rogan and claim that he is still a top commentator.

During the last episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan, with guest Brian Simpson, commented on the quality of his work and the feelings that provoked the criticism he suffered this year. '' I try to be as fair and impartial as possible while doing this job, and I also show a lot of respect.

Even if you think my commenting is biased, you will never get the impression that I am showing disrespect to someone, '' Joe said, but then recalled an event that would show disrespect.


Namely, earlier this month, more precisely, during the UFC 269 show, Rogan was critical of Priscilla Cachoeira.

The Brazilian fought against Gillian Robertson, and during the attempt at submission (RNC), Cachoeira tried to get away with stab wounds in the opponent's eye. Rogan didn't like it. '' She was trying to dig out her eye.

Gillian had her suffocated, and that Cachoeira girl stuck her thumb in her eyeball. That is horrible and I would therefore show disrespect, "Rogan explained. Cachoeira eventually lost by choking in the first round, despite the dirty tactics she tried to get away with.

As for Rogan, he will continue his commentary work next year, but the question is how long he will endure criticism. However, he still has the opportunity to simply respect them and work on himself, and then the criticism will be quieter and less frequent.

It is obvious that he has vast experience in his work and that he has shown many times that he can do it, but criticism will always exist, no matter what.