McGregor's coach gave his opinion on Jose Aldo

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McGregor's coach gave his opinion on Jose Aldo

For years, Jose Aldo ruled the featherweight category, both under the auspices of the WEC and then under the auspices of the UFC. The rule briefly came to an end at the end of 2015. Conor McGregor knocked out Aldo after just 13 seconds of fighting and thus took the throne in the featherweight category.

Still, Aldo regained the belt in mid-2016, but in the following period, he lost twice to Max Holloway and once to Alexander Volkanovsky. All of that was enough for Jose Aldo to realize how hard it is to get back to the top of that category.

He saw an opportunity to win the belt again in the bantamweight category. At the end of 2019, Aldo made his debut in Bantam, but in a rather close match, he lost to Marlon Moraes. Despite losing in his debut, Aldo got a chance to fight for the belt in his second appearance within the category.

Unfortunately for the Brazilian, Petr Yan proved to be a better fighter and Aldo lost the second match in the category. The Brazilian was thought to be over, regardless of category, but after the initial two defeats, Aldo recorded three wins in a row and probably only one win separates him from a new attack on the title.

Aside from the many Aldo fans who enjoy his winning streak, one of those who is also happy for the legendary Brazilian is John Kavanagh, coach of Conor McGregor. Namely, the head coach of the Irish SBG hall claims that he is a big fan of Jose Aldo.

'' I'm sure I've talked a lot about this, but if we go back in time, I was a massive WEC fan. If you are a WEC fan, then you are obsessed with Aldo." "He's the first hitter I've seen destroy a grappler.

I tried to learn a lot from him. If we go back even further, there is his coach ‘Dede’ Pederneiras whom I watched in Pride."


"So no one was a bigger Aldo fan than me. Ahead of the fight against Conor, I spent many sleepless nights watching those low kicks and his defense against takedown, as well as speed, technique, and experience."

"I am somewhat sorry that their match went like that because I would like to see that conflict of styles and more exchanges, '' Kavanagh told MMA Hour. Kavanagh’s most famous fighter, Conor McGregor, is also a fan of Jose Aldo.

Although the Irishman and Brazilian once nurtured arguably the greatest rivalry within the UFC, respect is now mutual. "Notorious" recently defended Aldo, whom Khabib called a spent fighter who surrendered lightly against Peter Yan.

John Kavanagh points out that he and Conor will definitely be Aldo's fans if the Brazilian is given a new opportunity to attack the belt. '' Look at what Aldo has accomplished. He is back reborn in the bantamweight category and looks like world-class, as a fighter ready to beat the champion."

"If he arranges a match against Dillashaw, I think we will really see how far he has come. I would definitely like to see Aldo's raised hand and his winning the bantam belt, and I'm sure Conor would love to see that too, '' Kavanagh added.