Joe Rogan believes that USADA will soon knock on the door of McGregor

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Joe Rogan believes that USADA will soon knock on the door of McGregor
Joe Rogan believes that USADA will soon knock on the door of McGregor (Provided by Sport World News)

Since he was unable to do most of his training after a leg injury, Conor Mcgregor devoted himself to what he could do at the gym. First of all, he is working on equpiment, as well as lifting weights. But he surprised everyone with his photos, which show what he made of his body with such training.

“190lbs of granite,” McGregor wrote alongside photos from the hall he released in early December. If you missed them, they are below the paragraph, and we can see very well the state of the Irishman by being in the gym.

The photos were rarely missed, so of course, Joe Rogan saw them too. But he hasn’t commented on them so far until Conor became a topic in his podcast. In fact, he commented with the guests on Conor's victories over Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez, or the way he came to them.

After that, he mentioned Conor's appearance today, so one of the photos appeared in the program. That's him today, super pumped up. USADA will no doubt visit him soon. It was a very strange photo. He's definitely changed, but it kind of looks like he was photographed in the middle of lifting, in the middle of a workout.

If you look at the human body in the middle of lifting, it can be a little deceptive. He looks great nonetheless, "Rogan commented.


Regardless of how he came to his current appearance, what everyone is wondering most is how Conor intends to lower his weight to 70 kilograms, that is, to fight in the lightweight category.

Of course, if we know that he succeeded only five months ago, it is clear that it is possible and feasible, but we do not remember that he ever looked like this, but also weighed as much as he himself stated that he weighed.

Charles Oliveira hopes that Conor will not be his next opponent, despite the fact that he has three defeats in a row in the lightweight category and was not recognizable in those fights. But, precisely because of that, it is clearer why the Brazilian wants this fight.

The question is how long Conor will perform, and every fight against him brings his opponents a career. This is what every fighter wants, especially someone who has worked for years to get to where he is today. So we fully understand Oliveira. We can only imagine how great a fight that would be