Michael Bisping: "If it wasn't for Adesanya, Marvin Vettori would be champion"

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Michael Bisping: "If it wasn't for Adesanya, Marvin Vettori would be champion"

Over the past two years, Israel Adesanya has managed to make the UFC’s middleweight division “his own”. After convincingly winning the title, he has defended it equally successfully so far. Ahead of him is a new challenge in which he will have to overcome the man from whom he took away the title, Robert Whittaker.

But this time, the man who held the title before Whittaker comes to the fore. That’s Michael Bisping, today’s UFC commentator, and analyst, but not only that. He often communicates with fans through his YouTube page, and this time they asked him for his opinion on another middleweight fighter, Marvin Vettori, or his status in the category.

Bisping revealed that he greatly appreciated him. "If it wasn't for Israel Adesanya he would definitely be the champion today. He is definitely the second-best fighter in that category and he did some great things."


He also praised his match against Costa in which Vettori showed how dangerous he is and how much he can actually do. "The fight he did against Costa was sensational. I commented on that fight, I was right there.

He won cleanly, but Costa did a lot of things." "Marvin took some great shots without ever stopping or moving backward. Instead, he would continue with his even stronger firework." "It was a great show, inspiring.

I was a fan even before that fight, and after that, I realized that guy was amazing, ”Bisping commented. Vettori's problem is that he has lost to Adesanya twice already and is currently not in a situation where he could easily get the next chance.

But if Whittaker reappears on the throne, the Italian could profit and reach a new attack on the title. We will find out a lot more in February when Adesanya and Whittaker do their second fight, but Marvin could have a new appearance by then.

Fortunately for him, the category has several other fighters with similar references and ambitions, and he certainly has someone to match. Vettori could surprise and still reach the title soon, which is not impossible. Of course, as already said, he lost the matches to Adesanya, which is actually the biggest problem, but things are still not over.

Certainly, Vettori possesses what is needed: the skill of motivation and perseverance and we have no doubt that he will give everything from beer to reach the goal. He shouldn't give up.