Oliveira: "Gaethje congratulated me after the match and then talked behind my back"

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Oliveira: "Gaethje congratulated me after the match and then talked behind my back"

UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira said he was disappointed with the behavior of his potential next challenger, Justin Gaethje. He referred to their meeting after the end of the fight in which Oliveira defeated Dustin Poirier this month.

The Brazilian defended his title for the first time this way, and Gaethje told him that he has great respect for him and for what he did in that fight. What Oliveira resented were Justin's statements that followed. In short, Gaetjje has switched to combat mode, that is, one where he has no problem talking about how he intends to defeat Oliveira in the nastiest way he can.

In this, the champion recognized a dishonest man. "The man talks a lot of nonsense all the time, and when we saw each other face to face he said he has great respect for me and what I do. " "Two minutes later he says in front of the camera that he will break my face and things like that.

One of those guys who tries to heat things up and sell the fight by pretending to be someone they are not." "If you're a modest guy who shows respect, then sell the fight that way. If you're someone who talks shit, then do it all the time.

Tell me in the face, if you're already talking behind my back, "Oliveira said of the Brazilian MMA Fighting podcast, adding: "I’ve created a string of ten wins so I’ve only cared about what I can bring into the fight, not what my opponents can and so I intend to continue."

"I’m not worried about what Justin Gaethje can do. I only think about what I can." "Kicker, jiu-jitsu fighter, MMA fighter, that's what I am. And that's what matters."

Gaethje responded

It didn't take long for Gaethje to respond and react.

He decided to explain some things to Oliveira, that is, why his behavior, as well as his statements, are completely normal and go in line with each other. "Charles, it's called respect, you fool. And we're in the business of breaking faces.

My respect that night is as real and sincere as my intention to take away everything you have in your country," Justin wrote on Twitter sharing the original MMA Fighting release. It is currently uncertain whether Gaethje will be the next opponent of the UFC lightweight champion or the UFC will once again break all sports rules and award the title attack to Conor McGregor, a man with three defeats in a row within the lightweight division.

But it all seems that Oliveira could defend the title in the spring in Brazil, if the epidemiological situation allows the UFC to return to his homeland.