Diaz: "The Paul sisters hired security team to make sure I wouldn’t get to them"

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Diaz: "The Paul sisters hired security team to make sure I wouldn’t get to them"

As we’ve already written about, Nate Diaz was a guest last weekend at an event led by Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley. The reason for that is the performance of his teammate Chris Avila, but it was certainly good for him to be seen as a good basis for some potential future challenge.

Nate and the team also managed to cause a small incident at the weigh-in, when they clashed with the company of Bellator champion A.J. McKee but had no close encounter with the Paul brothers. And that's because the security service was in charge of making sure that didn't happen.

At least we can deduce that from Diaz’s Instagram post. "The Paul sisters hired this security team to make sure I wouldn’t get to them like I was actually trying too, but it’s all good with u guys I don’t take this fight thang with u2 serious."

"You guys playing boxing with wrestlers who can’t box or lil ass Floyd and that’s not cool bruh but it’s good" "I’m a real fighter from the real fight game so don’t trip so hard when you see me fellas let’s just be friends it’s good "Nate wrote photos with two very big guys that he claims were in charge of him.


After the victory against Woodley, Paul called out Diaz and later stated that he and Jorge Masvidal were no longer in the hall at the time, but fled so that they would not have to face him in the ring. For Diaz, we doubt very much that he would turn down such an opportunity unless his contract with the UFC prevents him from doing so.

Nate has a contract with the UFC for another fight, but it has not been agreed yet. The fighter and promotion have always had a problem finding an opponent, but at the moment it seems there could be a clash with Dustin Poirier.

But on the other hand, after the defeat by Oliveira, Poirier will probably rest until the spring of next year. Will Nate be willing to wait so long to finally complete his contractual obligations? After he does that, it may be his last chance for a contract that will bring him big profits.

For now, there is still a large enough number of interested people. Money is probably what still motivates him, and we'll see who his opponent will be soon We want to watch him in the ring again