Chimaev calls out Muhammad, he replied: "You wanted to retire because of the cold"

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Chimaev calls out Muhammad, he replied: "You wanted to retire because of the cold"

The story that Khamzat Chimaev and the UFC keep repeating is that no one wants to fight him and that it is impossible for him to arrange a fight. On the other hand, we have Neil Magny, who constantly calls him out, as well as Gilbert Burns, who said that he would accept the fight against him, and now Belal Muhammad has joined in.

After his win over Stephen Thompson last weekend earned him fifth place in the UFC welterweight rankings, Belal revealed that he would love to fight Khamzat because he believes a win against him is currently worth more than any other win in UFC welterweight category.

With a lot of respect, he said that he simply wanted to try against Chimaev and try to overcome all the hype around him by overcoming him. By the way, Chimaev has placed six positions below him in the welterweight rankings.

Seeing that this would be a good opportunity for him to jump a few more steps to the top, it was expected that Khamzat could accept that fight and ask for it to be contracted. Instead, he decided to insult Belal via Twitter, with the impression that he is not really interested in the fight.

“You number one bullshit, I need 1 minute to take your head,” Khamzat wrote, followed by mostly negative reactions from fans.


Khamzat then went on to share a photo from Belal’s fight against Leon Edwards, accusing him of giving up after one finger in the eye.

Belal found a good answer here by posting one of Khamzat’s Instagram statuses, one where he states he is ready to end his career because of what COVID-19 has done for him. "Didn’t You retire because you had a cold? Don’t worry Friend I got some nyquil for you," Belal wrote.

The discussion via Twitter after that dropped almost to the high school level of skirmishes, so it's not even worth mentioning. The fact is that Chimaev does not seem to be interested in the fighters who call him out, but the problem is that on the other hand there is talk of how no one wants to fight him.

Fans mostly agreed that this would be a good fight and that it makes sense for both of them. It will be interesting to see what the UFC thinks about all this. It is in their favor anyway to arrange fights in which there will be a huge intolerance between the fighters