Oliveira to McGregor: ‘I’m waiting for you in May"

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Oliveira to McGregor: ‘I’m waiting for you in May"

After defeating Dustin Poirier, defending the UFC title he won in May this year for the first time, there aren’t many more to challenge Charles Oliveira and his championship status. In his second title defense, he should definitely enter as the favorite, regardless of who will be his next opponent.

On the sports side, everything leads to the fact that his opponent should be Justin Gaethje, who defeated Michael Chandler last month. Fighting earlier, he was defeated in the attack on the title by Khabib Nurmagomedov, while before that he scored four victories with a stoppage.

References are there, as is status on the UFC’s challenger rankings. On the other hand, there is Conor McGregor, who claims that he will fight for the title in his next fight, and it seems that the champion, for very clear reasons, prefers this option.

"May is a wonderful time for my next fight. Conor challenged me to ask for a date and tweeted 'Ireland against Brazil 2' I'm not the only one here, the whole world wants to see that fight." "Then let's organize it.

I'm waiting for him in May. It could be Welter, light or middleweight category, with my title as a stake or not. Choose, and I'm ready, "Oliveira said in an interview with Sherdog, adding why he doesn't think Gaethje should be the only choice: "Gaethje was knocked out by Poirier, who I just finished.

He was almost knocked out by Chandler, who I mastered by technical knockout. But I'm an UFC employee. If they decide I have to fight Gaethje, I'm ready for him too. "

UFC 247 event

Oliveira has targeted the UFC 274 event, which is currently rumored to be taking place in Brazil.

That’s why his biggest wish is to fight there, and that might even really be the term McGregor will be ready for. According to current forecasts, he could return to the full trainin in March. In the end, he commented on the fact that Sherdog declared him a fighter in 2021.

"I'm happy for what's going on in my life right now. I'm the UFC's champion in one of the toughest divisions to get there. I've broken the record for most forcing to surrender and most offers and I'm the world's fifth pound-for-pound fighter "Finishing a great year as a fighter of the year by choosing one of the biggest media in the world makes me even happier," he confirmed.

Oliveira is now on a well-deserved vacation, and then returns to the gym with the goal of welcoming next year as UFC champion. It is known that every defense of the title is getting harder for the champions, so there is no doubt that it will be the same for him. But he is still young, and besides, extremely experienced.