Dana White: "Nick Diaz shouldn't fight anymore"

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Dana White: "Nick Diaz shouldn't fight anymore"

For more than six and a half years we have been waiting for the return of Nick Diaz to fighting. The 38-year-old probably spent the best years of his career being off the field, but that is his decision, to which he has every right.

Diaz looked a little worried ahead of the fight against Robbie Lawler at UFC 266. In the end, Nick lost that match by technical knockout (giving up) in the third round of the fight. Opinions are divided about his release in that fight.

Some fans and critics think that Diaz has just confirmed that he is done and that there is nothing more to look for at that level, while some fans are happy with his performance and think that he looked quite good, considering the long break.

UFC President Dana White is one of those pleased with what he saw. '' I was impressed with his return in September. I also spoke to Robbie Lawler, who had only words of respect for Nick and the way he fought, '' White began, but then revealed what he thought about continuing Diaz's career.

'' Regardless of what Diaz looked like and what he did after such a long break, I don't think Nick should fight anymore."

White on Diaz

Dana White is obviously aware of Diaz's motivation, which he thinks it is not fighting for because he wants to, but that there are other reasons why he decided on this option.

"He’s a grown man, he can do whatever he wants, but I think he doesn’t do this because he loves it. He came back because he had to. People always ask me what the key to success is. It's all about being happy and doing what you love, '' Dana told ESPN.

The UFC president added that Diaz reminds him during the preparations for the match of people waiting in traffic jams to get to work they hate. It is unknown at this time whether Diaz plans to re-enter the cage. There are a lot of those who think he shouldn’t, but only he knows why he does it.

As stated at the beginning of the text, this is again his decision, to which he has an absolute right. Of course, a fighter cannot do his best if he is not motivated, and if he does what he does not like, but everyone is a different person by nature and has different ways of motivating, so maybe Diaz is the same.