White to Ngannou: "If you don't want to be with us, no problem"

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White to Ngannou: "If you don't want to be with us, no problem"

There is growing speculation that Francis Ngannou may leave the UFC after the match against Cyril Gane. The Cameroonian will defend his heavyweight title on January 22 next year. According to Francis ’managers, his contract with the UFC expires after the next fight, but only if he loses to Gane.

If Francis wins, he won’t automatically become a free agent in the market, but will have to stay in the UFC for a while, under current conditions. However, the victory brings him a better background when negotiating the next contract, because he will still have the status of the best heavyweight in the world.

Relations between the UFC and Ngannou and his managers have not been good in recent months. It all culminated in contracting a fight for the interim heavyweight champion. In the eighth month, the UFC arranged a fight between Cyril Gane and Derrick Lewis for interim champion, although Ngannou became champion just over four months before that fight.

Francis ’manager Marquel Martin claimed they knew nothing about it and that the UFC was scolding Francis who wanted to defend the title in the ninth month because he didn’t get to prepare for the eighth month.

Dana White accused Martin of lying and of being informed in advance. All of these discussions have led to a sudden cooling of relations on the UFC-Francis Ngannou route and the question is what will happen with continued collaboration.

White on the subject

UFC President Dana White in an interview with ESPN, spoke on the subject. "Our heavyweight champion's contract will expire after the next match. Things like this happen. Sometimes there are situations where you fail to agree with people."

"When you are a fighter, you have to be careful about who represents you. I think he had the best representatives. ’’ White began, then gave a clear message to Francis. ‘‘ Listen, if you want to be with us, we’d love to have you.

If you don't want to be with us, no problem. Everything OK. I think his contract says, if he wins, he stays with us for a while longer. He would probably do another fight, "Dana said. They’re aware in the UFC of how big a name Ngannou is in the MMA world and they certainly don’t want to lose him.

However, Dana White's tone seems to cast doubt on the continuation of the collaboration, that is, UFC leaders are ready to lose Francis Ngannou. What a surprise it would be, we can't imagine ...