Gaethje: "If Conor gets a title shot, I'll burn it all down"

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Gaethje: "If Conor gets a title shot, I'll burn it all down"

There are currently no UFC fighters who want more than Justin Gaethje a chance to attack the belt. The UFC fighter has been pushing for months and doing his best not to miss the opportunity. ‘‘ Highlight ’’ became even louder after the UFC 268 event and victory over Michael Chandler.

Gaethje was in fear that Islam Makhachev or Beneil Dariush would get a chance before him. However, Justin could be happy after he heard that UFC matchmakers paired Islam Makhachev and Beneil Dariush. Yet one name always poses a potential danger of skipping order and seizing opportunities for other challengers.

Of course, it's about Conor Mcgregor. The Irishman often states that his comeback fight will be just for the belt, and while many don’t take him seriously, nothing can surprise us when it comes to UFC privileges for its biggest star.

Charles Oliveira said last week that he would rather agree to a match against Conor than to a match against another opponent. The current UFC lightweight champion is aware of the weight of that match. ‘‘ If I had a chance to fight Conor today, I would choose that match.

Of course, no one is a fool. Who would rather fight for the belt than against Conor? Just a fool. ’’ The champion said in an interview for the Trocacao Franca podcast. All of these stories seem to have only further worried Justin Gaethje.

Although Dana White recently stated that Gaethje will be next in line, there is no official confirmation yet and Justin is getting nervous again.

Gaethje on McGregor

Gaethje would be especially frustrated if Conor McGregor gets a chance to win the title after two defeats in a row.

‘‘ I'll burn it all down, dude! What do you mean? F***ing burn it down, that's what I'd do. [Conor's] so irrelevant. He has not won a fight since 2016 in the lightweight division. I'm ranked number one." ’’ Gaethje began in an interview with TMZ.

‘‘My whole life I've been working towards this. That is what's next. If not, I f***ing burn it down. It doesn't matter. I'll show up and start throwing dollies everywhere. ’’ Gaethje added, alluding to the fourth month of 2018 event.

Then, on the eve of the UFC 223 event, Conor McGregor attacked a bus full of UFC fighters who were supposed to perform at the event. At one point, the "Notorious" grabbed a cargo metal cart ("dolly") and threw it on the glass of the bus.

Gaethje is reportedly planning to do something similar if McGregor skips him over the belt attack. The question arises as to how Justin would have acted if he were the champion. It is quite possible that Gaethje would not then oppose Conor's skipping of other challengers, because then Justin would have the opportunity to win a big match and reward himself financially well.

However, he also touched on this issue. ‘‘I would absolutely not allow him fight for the title. He did not win to go through the process. He's not gonna s*** on everything that we -- there's too many. Beneil Dariush, Islam Makhachev.

Those are the guys that we fight. Not Conor McGregor. That's not how it works. He's becoming more and more irrelevant as time goes on. Pretty soon you won't be even asking me these questions. It's gonna be a beautiful f***ing day ’’ said Gaethje, who clearly despises Conor McGregor.