UFC wants to create tensions between Gane and Ngannou?

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UFC wants to create tensions between Gane and Ngannou?

A lot of dust has been raised around one incident that happened in the backstage of a UFC 268 event. Francis Ngannou at one point passed by his former coach Fernando Lopez, but also Cyril Gane and Nassourdine Imamov who were once his club colleagues and sparring partners.

The heavyweight champion didn’t even look at them, and some, including Gane, and they condemned him for the move. Gane was especially annoyed because Francis did not greet Nassourdine Imamov, with whom he often paired while he was a member of the MMA Factory in Paris.

Ngannou later explained that it was a set-up by the UFC. Namely, "Predator" claims that they deliberately changed the route they took him to the hall, just to make such an encounter. The Cameroonian added that he has no problems with Gane and Nassourdine, but he did not approach them because they were in the company of Fernando Lopez, with whom he is not on good terms.

Gane and Ngannou are scheduled to fight on January 22 next year, in a heavyweight belt match. Ngannou is the current champion of the category, while Gane reached the title of interim champion in the eighth month of this year.

Francis ’Eric Nicksick in an interview with MMA Junkie Radio pointed out that he was not particularly clear on what his fighter was actually supposed to do, given that he had passed a fighter he would soon be fighting.

"I don't think it was important, to be honest. I don't know what Francis should have done. Should he have gone to hug the guy and jumped into his arms? " "They will fight. I know there is no 'evil blood' on the part of Francis towards Cyril Gane.

However, I know that he (Ngannou) and Fernand have a history and because of that he may not have felt comfortable and not approached the boys (Gane and Imam)." "But it was a set-up, '' Nicksick began with a similar story told by Ngannou.

Set up

Francis' coach agrees with his fighter when it comes to the theory that people from the UFC deliberately embarrassed the aforementioned actors '' You can conclude. They led us one way and then suddenly changed route.

Great job for the UFC to create it all. They did their job and raised tensions, but at the end of the day, the two of them will fight." "So I don’t understand if Francis should have taken the guy (Gane) to lunch, hugged him, kissed him or whatever.

It is how it is, but they created a good storry '', Nicksick. In any case, if the UFC people knowingly brought fighters into this situation, it must be admitted that they did a good marketing job, because this is talked about a month later.