Julianna Pena calls out Amanada Nunes for motherhood!

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Julianna Pena calls out Amanada Nunes for motherhood!

After making a big surprise by recording a win over Amanda Nunes in the UFC 269 title title fight, Julianna Pena proudly called herself the first mother of the UFC champion. Some have tried to become so before, such as Sara McMann and Cat Zingano, but were stopped by Ronda Rousey, while for the ambitions of Valerie Letourneau, Joanna Jedrzejczyk was fatal.

Julianna thus became the first to do so. The fourth challenger mother managed to reach that belt, and then revealed at a press conference how proud she is of it, but she also compared herself to a champion mother and a fighter she overcame, i.e.

Amanda Nunes. "I have maximum respect for her, but I gave birth to my daughter. If you ask me, a belt should be introduced for the meanest mother in the world," Julianna said that way. Amanda was upset about what Juallianna said, who considered it was a message for her.

Her girlfriend Nina Ansaroff, now Nina Nunes, gave birth after artificial insemination, and the sperm donor is unknown. Amanda was with her the whole time through the process, the child took her last name and she is therefore considered a mother to the same extent as Julianna, but also some other fighter mothers.

Instagram post

She revealed this by posting on Instagram, along with a photo with her daughter Raegan Ann Nunes. In the text, she spoke openly about how much she feels like a mother. "JI may not have birthed my Daughter.

If I wanted to I could have. I chose to watch from the outside. After going through the IVF procedure with Nina." "It was truly heartbreaking to see many women break down in the waiting room knowing they would never be able to carry their own and have to take another direction."

"This does not make these women any less of a MOM than Nina or I. As a MOM champion as well, I feel this needed to be said. ",Amanda wrote, tagging Julianna. This is a topic that could be debated, but it seems to have been interrupted by Julianna Pena herself.

She responded in comments, writing that she completely agrees. Whether she really thinks so or just wanted to calm the tensions, we leave that to you, as well as the position on who is the first mother of the UFC champion.

In any case, such things should not be mentioned, nor should children be involved in such things. We hope that both of them will have a successful career in the future.