Kevin Lee will be paid in bitcoins at Khabib's organization

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Kevin Lee will be paid in bitcoins at Khabib's organization

Recently fired UFC fighter Kevin Lee quickly found new refuge. Khabib Nurmagomedov and his Eagle FC promotion took the opportunity to sign a resounding name in the form of 29-year-old Lee. The 2017 Detroit fighter fought for the UFC Lightweight Interim Champion belt, but lost to Tony Ferguson.

Although Kevin's career has been on a downward trajectory in recent years, Khabib clearly believes that Kevin should not be written off yet. Lee and Khabib revealed at a press conference the day before yesterday that they will form a new weight category, up to 165 "pounds"

Such a category has not been seen in strong world MMA promotions so far, and Lee hopes to make history, becoming the first world champion in that category. However, these are details that you had the opportunity to read the day before yesterday, and Kevin Lee in an interview for the portal presented some more interesting information.

Namely, Lee and the Eagle FC organization agreed on an interesting way to pay the fees. Kevin Lee is a big fan of cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin. So the 29-year-old has agreed with his new employer to be paid in Bitcoin and is quite happy and euphoric about it.

'' Being paid in Bitcoin without being deducted from my fees was a big deal in my decision to choose the promotion. It gives me a lot more financial security and helps me fight better, '' Lee said.


Kevin confirmed the same thing in an interview with Ariel Helwani at the MMA Hour, stating that he has been investing in Bitcoin since 2017.

Lee added that it helped him a lot while dragging his injury problems because that way he covered himself financially until he could perform and earn his fee. Apart from the payout in Bitcoin, some other factors influenced Kevin’s choice of next employer.

'' They (Eagle FC) offered me a lot of things that other promotions didn't. I got a lot of offers from different people, but this one made the most sense." "To have Khabib behind all this, not only do we respect him as a fighter, but we respect him as a man as well.

He attracts a lot of attention as well, '' said Lee, who has wanted to try for years in a match against Khabib, but that is no longer an option because the Dagestani is retired. Lee is scheduled to make his debut in his new home on March 11 next year, and currently Diego Sanchez is emerging as the most likely opponent.

However, there are growing fan theories that believe that Khabib brought Kevin as a scapegoat through which the currently unknown but deadly Dagestani fighters will prove themselves on the big stage.