Vicente Luque: "I did not hear Makhachev mention my name"

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Vicente Luque: "I did not hear Makhachev mention my name"

Chechen sensation Khamzat Chimaev is still looking for an opponent. A month and a half has passed since Khamzat's victory against Li Jingliang, and Chimaev is increasingly eager for a new performance every day. However, nothing has been officially agreed yet, nor is anything more concrete being rumored at the moment.

However, Chimaev tries to prosecute one of the fighters almost every day. However, one of the top welters is interested in the fight, but claims that Chimaev was the only one who did not name him. It is about Vicente Luque who commented on Chechen during an interview he posted via his Instagram profile.

“Of course I understand the‘ hype ’behind him(Chimaev). He looks great in his matches and acts like a really strong guy. He enters the cage and finishes each opponent." "So I understand the ‘hype’ and understand why the UFC wants him in big fights.

Many people question me about the match against him (Chimaev). I'm here if he mentions my name." "I didn't hear him mention me. If he says my name and the UFC sends me a contract, I will sign that contract.

It's a simple thing for me, '' Luque said, justifying the epithet of a fighter who doesn't reject opponents, except of course Gilbert Burns, with whom he is a family friend. Indeed, Khamzat Chimaev listed many names, from Magny, the Diaz brothers, Gilbert Burns, Leon Edwards to Usman and Colby Covington.

Call out

However, Vicente Luque was absent for some reason, even though he is a fourth-ranked welterweight challenger. With the victory over Luque, Khamzat would very likely come to the position of a challenger, and in Luque he would have a fighter ready to accept that match.

However, Vicente once again stressed that Chimaev did not call him out. '' But he didn't mention my name. I think he said ‘anyone from the top’. However, when someone mentions my name and asks for a match, then I will definitely do it."

I think this is a great and exciting fight. He's a monster. He is looking for a finish every second and that is not much different from me. If he wants it and if he remarks to the UFC, we will do it, '' Luque added via Instagram Live.

There is no doubt that these statements will quickly reach Chimaev, who will surely call out Luque after that. It’s hard to imagine a better test for a Chechen than 30-year-old Luque who is currently on a four-game winning streak and has lost just once in his last 11 matches (to Stephen Thompson).