Sean Strickland accuses Adesanya of doping


Sean Strickland accuses Adesanya of doping

One of the most interesting middleweight names during 2021 is certainly that of Sean Strickland. Currently the seventh-ranked middleweight challenger, he has recorded two victories this year. Krzysztof Jotko and Uriah Hall are respectable names that Sean has mastered and is currently on a string of five wins within the UFC (four in the middleweight division).

Next year, he will face the biggest challenge so far, as his opponent will be sixth-ranked challenger Jack Hermansson. The two fighters will lead the UFC Fight Night event on February 5 next year. Just a week later, Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker should face off in a match for the UFC middleweight champion.

Jared Cannonier and Derek Brunson will fight a little earlier, on January 22nd. It is the winner of this fight that many see as a legitimate challenger, after Whittaker and Adesanya have a rematch. However, Sean Strickland believes that in certain combinations he deserves the position of the next challenger.

‘‘ If Brunson wins, I think I should get a ‘title shot’ if I beat Jack. Still, if Cannonier wins, he deserves an attack on the title. We have already watched Brunson against Adesanya and Whittaker." "I think I should get a chance.

Whittaker will not beat Izzy. No offense, Whittaker, you're a fu*ing savage and I'm a fan of yours. But he’s not going to win that match. ’’ Strickland said in an interview with MMA Junkie. Although "Tarzan" states that he is a fan of Whittaker, he still favors Adesanya.

However, Sean Strickland does not seem to be a particular fan of the current middleweight champion and even accuses him of using illegal things ‘‘ I’m one of the fighters who trains the most in the UFC and I’ll do anything to get to the ‘title shot’.

If I succeed, let's go, Izzy, let's do it, I'm just f**ing ready. However, I don’t want to bring you a bra. ’’ Strickland said, alluding to the gynecomastia that champion got ahead of the fight against Paul Costa, in September 2020.


Otherwise, gynecomastia is a hypertrophy of breast tissue in men, ie there is a visible increase in the breast. Adesany was accused of having gynecomastia due to doping, but Izzy was never positive on anti-doping tests and rejected such allegations.

Strickland, however, is still not convinced of Adesany's innocence story in the whole case. ‘‘ Izzy is a great fighter. He comes from kickboxing, and have you ever seen a gynecomastia fighter for any other reason (other than doping)? Have you ever seen a UFC fighter who smokes weed and gets gynecomastia?" "Ever? It is not possible.

It's a fact and we all know it. But regardless, Izzy is a great fighter. And we all know that too. It’s the match I want, ’’ Strickland explained. Adesanya explained his gynecomastia with excessive marijuana consumption.

In a conversation with Ariel Helwani, the middleweight champion stated that the UFC doctor confirmed this to him. However, if Sean Strickland reaches the match against Adesanya, it is clear that it will be the main topic of his "trash talk".

‘‘ Izzy, I’ll get to you man. We can watch anime and you can put some testosterone in my ass. I'll do it with you. You're stabbing yourself in the stomach, if I'm not mistaken? Is that how you do it? You're an expert on steroids. How is it done? ”Tarzan added in the continuation of the conversation.

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