Dana White revealed plans for Sean O'Malley

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Dana White revealed plans for Sean O'Malley

Sean O’Malley recorded his seventh win in eight UFC appearances last weekend at UFC 269 events. Raulian Paiva was supposed to be a hard test for "Sugar" Sean, but the Brazilian's series of three consecutive victories was interrupted at the end of the first round.

O’Malley recorded another win by knockout and it seems the 27-year-old is truly ready for even better opponents. O’Malley showed maturity and almost everyone believed in his victory. He looks confident, is strong on his feet and is sure to have great success Still, O’Malley has often pointed out that he has no plans to fight top fighters until the UFC thickens his contract.

Sean has repeatedly explained that there is no point in fighting better opponents for the same money he earns from matches against unranked opponents. His thoughts are very logical and meaningful, and it seems that he will finally get a better contract.

Namely, UFC President Dana White, at a press conference after the UFC 269 show touched on Sean’s status and his future. '' When you talk about him, there are two topics. He wants to be paid and he wants to fight fighters at a higher level.

It seems that we will have to pay him better and find him interesting matches."

White is pleased

White seems pleased with his new fighter, but apparently thinks it will take some time for O'Malley to solidify at the top of the charts, which means he still has a long way to go.

"'He's a tough guy. He's fun and exciting to watch, but he builds his way the right way. You can't throw O'Malley to the killers right away. Things don't work that way, '' explained White, who then praised Sean.

"The guy he beat tonight is the real thing, a very dangerous guy, and he (Sean) did it in a spectacular way." The impression is that Sean has fought for his new contract, and with convincing victories against unranked opponents, he has established himself as a fighter who is now ready to be "throwed to killers"

UFC leaders are aware that there is potential for a new big star in Sean, but they have decided to build him carefully as a fighter. We look forward to seeing what awaits O’Malley in 2022. Obviously, O’Malley has no fear and is willing to fight anyone the UFC offers him. Even the biggest names will come into play. This guy is unstoppable for now and the question is what his limits are