Ngannou on Gane: "Undefeated means nothing, he is inexperienced"

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Ngannou on Gane: "Undefeated means nothing, he is inexperienced"

We are getting closer to the match between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gane. The fight to unify the heavyweight belt is one of the most exciting and anticipated the UFC can currently offer, and we’ll get it in early 2022, on January 22nd, to be exact.

A duel of former teammates will lead the UFC 270 event in Anaheim. The relationship between Francis Ngannou and the UFC is quite strained and questions arise as to what will happen if Francis loses that match. The MMA Junkie site points out that Francis' managers have revealed that he is becoming a "free agent", ie his contract expires if he loses to Gane.

However, if Ngannou wins, his current contract will continue and he will have a better basis for negotiating a new and more financially generous contract. Quite an interesting situation, and the stakes are high. However, Ngannou emphasizes that all this must not distract him before a difficult match.

"The situation is as it is. However, I try not to let any of that distract me. At the end of the day, I was not allowed to be disturbed by anything." "If I do something wrong, then the blame is on me. I agreed to this fight and therefore it is better to take it seriously and focus on it.

It doesn’t matter what happens on the side, we’ll deal with that later. ’’, Predator explained in an interview with MMA Junkie.

Undefeated opponent

Undefeated Ciryl Gane (10-0-0, 7-0 UFC) will be a big challenge for Ngannou.

He is an extremely good opponent, a fighter of atypical movements for a heavyweight and extremely sophisticated techniques. With reason, Gane is undefeated in all seven UFC matches. If we add that Cyril's coach Fernand Lopez, a man who trained Ngannou for many years and built him as a fighter, the match becomes even more interesting.

Yet despite everything, Francis Ngannou absolutely believes in his victory. ‘‘ An undefeated opponent means nothing. In my opinion, undefeated means that he has a lack of experience, he does not have a complete experience of fighting."

"Defeat is part of the process we learn and therefore if you have not experienced it, you cannot understand some things. I’ve fought undefeated fighters before, it’s not my first time." "I know what it's like.

You can be undefeated, but when you enter that cage, there are only you and your opponent. Nothing else matters at that moment, "Francis said.