Dana White is furious at Adesanya for his statements

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Dana White is furious at Adesanya for his statements

There seem to be some problems on the Adesanya-UFC relation. Namely, the world's strongest MMA promotion officially announced a rematch between Robert Whittaker and Israel Adesanya yesterday. The match should take place in the second month of next year, on February 12.

It is a match for the middleweight champion and also the main fight of the UFC 271 event. Yet, despite the official announcement, the things does not seem to be one hundred percent complete. Namely, Israel Adesanya decided to post on Twitter.

The middleweight champion wore "emoji" hats. The term "cap" in the slang means a lie, inaccurate information, and Adesanya only further confused all parties involved. Namely, Paradigm Sports also shared the news of the rematch between Whittaker and Adesany via Twitter.

It is a management agency that represents Adesanya. Dana White was briefed on Israel Adesanya’s comment during a press conference after the UFC 269 show. The UFC president was quite confused, and shortly thereafter was visibly furious.

'' Listen, if he doesn't want a match against Whittaker, OK, I guess we'll find him another fight. Who cares? Definitely not me. You don't want a fight against Whittaker?" "Okay, find something else, '' Dana began, who was much more angered by the accusation that they had leaked false information.


'' Why would they lie? When did we fu**ing lie? It's been twenty fu**ing years, have we ever lied about a fight? Some fights are harder to negotiate than others, but I don’t think we ever lied."

"Why would we do that? '' White said, who was then asked about Julianne Pena's victory, more precisely about the big surprise she afforded against Amanda Nunes. Still, he didn't want to talk about it "My head is still fu**ed up because of Adesanya" said White, who needed a few moments to calm down due to comments made by the middleweight champion via Twitter.

In any case, White and the UFC maintain their position and information that the match between Adesanya and Whittaker will be held on February 12 next year. We hope that Israel Adesanya will explain his comment in the coming days, but we hope even more that this fight will finally receive official confirmation from all parties involved.

This is a rematch that absolutely every MMA fan eagerly awaits. There is no doubt that Adesanya will be equally motivated whether he wants this fight or not, because he is aware of the stakes.