McGregor wants a fight against Oliveiro: Charles accepts the offer

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McGregor wants a fight against Oliveiro: Charles accepts the offer

Five months have passed since the match between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. The Irishman suffered a serious injury to his left leg at the end of the first round and is currently in the recovery phase. His return to the fight is scheduled for spring or summer next year, and "Notorious" often points out that he will fight for the belt, the moment he returns.

It is hard to expect that the promotion will allow him to do so, given the two consecutive defeats by Poirier. If we add that Justin Gaethje is almost certain as the next challenger, and that fighters like Islam Makhachev and Beneil Dariush are waiting in line behind him, it is clear that Conor does not deserve an instant opportunity to attack the belt.

However, when it comes to the UFC’s moves regarding Conor, anything is possible. The Irishman continues his lobby anyway and called out Charles Oliveira, the current UFC lightweight champion, via Twitter. "So what date am I fighting Oliveira?" McGregor wrote, and soon added a "tweet" with the Brazilian and Irish flags behind number two.

Conor thus alluded to the Brazilian opportunity for a rematch, after he knocked out Jose Aldo in 2015. We did not wait long for Charles Oliveira's answer. "Do Do Bronx" obviously did not suffer much damage and told the Irishman that he was ready to fight very quickly.

'' What do you think about this weekend? "I'm ready, I'm still in town, and there's an up&coming event. Let's go baby . ''


Of course, this is an impossible option. McGregor is still in the recovery phase and is a few months away from performing, and it’s hard to imagine Conor and Oliveira performing at the UFC Fight Night event to be held at Apex.

Islam Makhachev also got involved in the whole story. The Dagestani is on his way to attack the belt, and he still has to beat Beneil Dariush in order to finally get that opportunity. Khabib’s friend and legitimate successor, with a short joke via Twitter, commented on Conor’s question regarding the date of the fight against Oliveira.

"Your fight is on February 30," Islam wrote. Things are starting to get more and more interesting, and after Nurmagomed’s departure a lot of names are in the game, and we’re still wondering who’s the strongest after all, even though Oliveira proves it Oliveira has surprised everyone so far with his fights, and we’ll see if McGregor or Makhachev can dominate against him