Michael Chandler is convinced that Poirier has given up

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Michael Chandler is convinced that Poirier has given up

Of course, Michael Chandler followed the fight between Charles Oliveira and Dustin Poirier with great attention. Although he is currently in a series of two defeats, the first of which was inflicted on him by the Brazilian, he still has not given up on his championship ambitions and is looking for a second chance to win the title.

What is especially interesting about his position regarding the fight for the title is related to the way it ended. In fact, he believes Poirier gave up and thus gave up his chance. “He broke him,” is the first thing Chandler wrote on Twitter, just a few minutes later adding a comparison to his fight against Oliveira: "I would never give up.

I went on my shield after being detached from consciousness. Congratulations to Oliveira." Many commented immediately after the fight that Poirier lacked a heart and that otherwise he might have left the Octagon with the belt he has been dreaming of for so long.

Chandler after the fight

Others feel he has been struck by karma, as he turned down his first title fight offer to finish the job with Conor McGregor. It was then that Chandler jumped into the title fight instead. "As I see it, the whole world wants a rematch of two of the three fights I had in the UFC.

So go to that Octagon and leave a message, that's how it's done." "I would never give up. Congratulations Oliveira. Do the job with Gaethje, and then see you towards the end of 2022 ", added Chandler, obviously convinced that he can fight for a new opportunity in the next fights.

Seeing that a clash between Islam Makhachev and Beneil Dariush has been arranged, which should certainly bring the first challenger, this will hardly happen, but he certainly has the right to cultivate hope. Also, Chandler's plans could be ruined by Conor McGregor's statement that he will fight for the title in his first next fight.

The queue is quite long, but it is only a positive thing for the category, but also for all the fans who are looking forward to the next excitement. Of course, after the aforementioned previous two performances, Chandler’s fight is also eagerly awaited.

We are only realistic about the fact that he is not as close to a new attack on the title as he believe he is. We cannot deny his abilities and sense of fighting, but he will still have to wait a while